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Monday, May 14, 2012

Another Week of May, Another Week of Crazy

Wow.  May is flying by!  Here it is Monday again.  Last week I did finally buy flowers for the garden, but I still have a few to plant.  Basil, oregano, thyme, and cilantro are all potted and happily soaking up the sun on my back patio.  My death spray seems to have done the job pretty well on my goosey plants, so I still have a large job pulling all those up--so I can make room for a few butterfly bushes and lily plants.  Hope to do that this week--kinda have to do it this week or forget about it.

How's the "diet" going?  Pretty well.  I am very surprised I've been good for two weeks!  I think spending a bit of money on this plan has kept me on the straight and narrow.  I don't want to waste all that money and not have a good outcome.  I have discovered I really really like barley.  I've been making barley salads for lunch--tomatoes, olives, basil, artichokes, beans, lemon juice & olive oil.  That and fruit (what ever is on sale) are my lunches.  I'm supposed to be eating chicken or tuna for lunch, but I don't like tuna, and I just don't want to eat chicken salad for lunch.  I'll try it again next week--which is the end of my 24 day plan.  I'm happy with how my middle feels--not feeling icky and unpleasantly full after eating, feeling a bit more clear-headed.  I didn't realize what a fog I was in eating so much dairy and "white" stuff.  I can't say this is a permanent shift in how I eat, but I will certainly think about what I stuff in my face.  I still haven't had any dairy (day 15!) and I have eaten just a bit of whole grain bread.  I am afraid to "break the seal".  I bought a new battery for the scale and stepped on it last week for the first time in over a year.  To my utter surprise, I have lost weight and even though I didn't measure myself before this started, I can tell I've lost inches.  How much, I have no clue.  But clothes fit better, my legs look thinner, and I just don't feel so heavy anymore.  I think my goal of -25 pounds is doable, and I plan on continuing on the vitamin/appetite control portion of this plan all summer.  Bless my brain for doing this in the Spring, when there are more fruit and veggie options available.  In the Winter this would have been an epic fail.

This will, however, be firmly tested on vacation.  Bud and I haven't eaten out since I started this, and with his support I've been towing the line.  But on vacation, I will be sorely tempted--mostly to eat dairy and drink booze.  Moderation is my mantra!

And did I mention sweet potatoes?  Bud and I discovered sweet potato fries last year and I made some at home, which we immediately loved.  We bake them instead of deep fry them.  Since they're on my list of good foods, I made them last week and now I have to make more this week.  I love them!  Sprinkle them with chili powder and they are an awesome combo of sweet and spicy.  I'll be making a batch tomorrow to eat with my lunches.  

But I still miss my chocolate.  Drinking a chocolate meal replacement shake for breakfast is all that is holding me back from rushing to the store and buying every piece of chocolate I see.  I am thinking about chocolate cake a lot.  Shit--it's my only obsession.  Well--and coffee.  Still no coffee.  I want it, and want it bad--but I don't want to start on the slippery slope.  

What's your latest obsession food-wise?  I have found my imagination and sense of taste recall is amazing.  When I crave something I think about actually eating it, tasting it, and enjoying it.  It helps get rid of the craving.


  1. Good for you on the diet.
    I love baked sweet potato fries. I use a creole seasoning and YUM!
    I finally think I am over my bread cravings. I thought I would miss it forever.
    I have cilantro all over the place. I made some pesto with it a few days ago.

  2. Good for you! Please write up your directions for making the barley salad-sounds perfect for lunch. I find I'm craving cereal with ice-cold milk! Coconut milk just doesn't compare with the real thing when it comes to cold cereal....

    1. C-Joy: I will send you an email with my recipe. I just toss it together. I haven't had a cereal craving for a long time. I completely avoid that aisle in the grocery store unless I'm buying oatmeal. Sometimes a glass of ice cold cow milk is the only thing that will make a person happy. Nothing else compares, dang it!

  3. GREAT job stciking to your diet! Sounds like you're seeing great results which is always encouraging. I have been craving avacodos- I just love those little buggers and can eat them on almost anything...

    1. I love avocados with every fiber of my being! I've been adding those to lots of salads. I could eat my weight in guacamole!


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