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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Another 5K Done....And Scene

Today I ran the Marion Arts Festival 5K, which is usually the first large 5K run where I live.  It is in conjunction with a one day festival for arts and crafts and brings a lot of people out.  

I ran this one by myself, cause the unthinkable happened:  my sister was closed out of the registration.  Yep.  For the first time in its history, the race had to close at 1500 people.  They also had a 1/2 marathon for the first time, too.  Over 900 people signed up for that one.  I had pangs, but knew very well that it would be a disaster, since  A) I haven't trained
B) I haven't trained and C) I haven't trained.  Nope.  Could barely squeeze out a 3.1 miler.  

Last year this race was rainy and a bit gloomy.  Other years it's been chilly in the morning and then comfortable running.  I know 3 miles doesn't sound like much, but when it rapidly warms up in the morning (I think it was around 70 when we started) I sweat like the most disgusting thing around.  

I will say this:  I managed to run up the hill in the cemetery.  All the way up.  It is a total bitch.  You run down a long hill, turn a corner, then immediately begin a loooong climb to the top of the hill.  It's really the only horrible part of the race.  I remember the first time I ran this race--I had no idea about this hill and just about peed my pants.  That was also the first year I started running, and had never heard of actually doing hill work.  

I had to take walk breaks.  Disgusting.  But then I said "oh, f***k it" and stopped being so mean to myself.  That damn sun was beating down, and I could feel myself starting to over heat.  I put the hammer down on the last bit of the race and ran like hell.  It felt good.  Until I crossed the finish line and felt like I was going to toss my cookies all over the people around me.  Oops.  Water!!  Water!!  

Meanwhile, my friend from work, Michael, was pounding out that half marathon.  He's damn fast.  He managed to finish it in 1:27 and placed first in his age, and 10th overall.  Amazing.  We drove the route last night and I was never so thankful to not be running a race.  This half was all over town, on trails, out in the middle of nowhere, and went from gravel paths to cement to black top roads.  Uggh.  I felt nervous for Michael, but he kicked it!  So yes, he managed to run 13.1 miles faster than I could run 3.1.  I find can see the humor in that.  Yes indeed.  I am happy I managed to run the race a few minutes faster than the one I did less than a month ago.  I'm toying with setting a goal to get under 30 minutes for a 5k this year.  I think the best I've done is 29 minutes, and that was many years ago.  I like the idea of signing up and doing races with minimal time to get nervous, so I'm hoping my Saturdays off this summer will coincide with a few 5K's around CR.  

My next race will be the Alliant Energy 4th of July Race.  It's a 5 miler, and my sister is going to do it, so I have to work hard the next month and get my shit together.  I didn't run it last year because they changed the route and it runs in an area of CR where I had my horrible half marathon experience the year before.  I shall defeat you, horrible memories! And then I can drink beer and eat 4th of July stuff that isn't so good for me.  

And how did this go with my 24 day program?  Well, I got up early and drank my *spark* drink which helped me wake up.  I didn't eat anything or take my meal replacement shake.  I didn't relish the thought of running with 24 grams of chocolate protein sloshing in my tummy.  As it was, I had to pee twice before the race started.  After the race, I drank water and had a chunk of bagel.  Then I decided to look at the food tents and got a really yummy vegetarian wrap:  hummus, red peppers, lettuce, carrots, and zucchini in a whole wheat wrap.  It was really quite tasty, and made me feel like I was at least trying to stay on the path of good eating.  I passed up the free spaghetti and garlic bread a local place was handing out to runners.  Just didn't sound so hot at 9 AM!  But hummus did.  

This will be my last post for a while, as I take some time off and try to relax in the midst of chaos.  As Bud told me yesterday, "You're trying to do too much and it's gonna kill you!"  Let's just say the last 2 weeks in May are chock full and I will be moving through them in a whirl of many things.  I'll get through it!  

Have a great Memorial Day weekend, and to all those runners out there, have fun!  

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