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Saturday, April 28, 2012

May Is Coming...Finally!

I have been looking forward to May for quite awhile.  The warm weather we had in March and April messed me up and made me want to plant flowers much too early.  I managed to restrain myself, but now May is around the corner, and I can start looking at flowers.  I have a small square corner garden next to my house that desperately needs a makeover.  I have been taking pictures of my yard since the summer I first moved in, and I found pictures from years ago where this little corner garden was ablaze with beautiful flowers and looked just gorgeous.  Now it looks a bit sad.  I've decided this is going to be my "tranquility garden".  I am redoing it by simply planting masses of annuals and putting down fresh pea-size gravel.  And, I think a tranquility garden requires a new statue.  I've always wanted a lovely Buddha in my garden, and I think I'll be looking for one later this month when I'm on vacation.  I know the place to go--and it requires a plane ticket!  I'm hopeful I'll find the perfect one and it won't cost too much to ship it home.  If it does, well, I guess I'll look a bit closer to home.  

And what else?  Well, the battle to wipe out my goosey plants continues.  Another blast of Round-Up hopefully took them out.  I was so anxious not to destroy other plants I was being too careful.  But then I decided a scorched earth plan was the only option.  I realized I was being waaaay too fussy about a few lilies.  I haven't bought any new lily plants for years, so it's time for new.  I solemnly thanked the plants for giving me years of beauty, then proceeded to spray that Round-Up.  

I can't wait to start planting.  And buying those herbs and potting them, too.  This year I will have time to tinker with the garden.  Trust me--I am no green thumb. I just dig a hole, dump in the plant, and water them.  Plants survive in spite of me.  Not spending every free moment planning on where and how long to run has given me a sense of relief.  And not feeling like I have to enter races is keeping my stress level down, too.  May is such a busy month for me I am going to create a list for each week so I don't forget anything!  

And did I mention I'm starting a 24 day program to lose weight?  I've never done anything like this before.  My sister is a distributor for Advocare, and after talking to her I decided "what the hell" and, along with my niece, we are both going on a cleanse/recharge our body program.  I am not going to drink any booze or coffee for 24 days, and cut back on all the junk.  I'm looking forward to shedding some of the "heaviness" I feel hanging around and resetting my taste buds to eating good healthy stuff.  And Bud will probably be happy to eat healthy foods, too.  I'll keep you posted on my journey to better eating!  

So May--welcome!  I've been waiting for you.  Can't wait to get started.


  1. Garden season, yay!
    Currently I am on a wheat free diet. It is interesting. Hard at first, but no so much now. Baking with different flours is a learning experience.
    I hope your cleanse works out well.

  2. You sound more of a gardener than me.
    Good luck wit the new garden plan, it sounds like it will be lovely.
    And good luck with the cleanse.

  3. April showers bring May fl......erm, more showers?

  4. I'll be curious to hear how your cleansing goes - I also have that feeling of "heaviness" but in my case it's just excess adipose tissue.
    And your upcoming vacation sounds like it's going to be a good one!! Can't wait to hear about it!

    1. Yep, the heaviness is lots o'fat. Hope it leaves my body gracefully and not in a horrible way. Now I just have to not cave into temptation and dive into a cake.


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