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Monday, April 16, 2012

Blowin' in the Wind

Wow.  There's nothing like driving a pickup truck up and down rolling Iowa hills and highways with a 35 MPH wind determined to slam into the side of your truck repeatedly and drive you off the road.  I think my arm muscles will finally relax tonight and my fingers will stop convulsively clenching a steering wheel that's no longer there.  A bit of a different Monday morning than I usually spend, but I got to hang out with my honey for a few hours, so it was worth the unending terror of high winds.  And I got to see some beautiful Iowa countryside and all the different shades of what I call "Springtime Green" in the trees, fields, and yards.  It's much lighter and fresher looking than "Summertime Green" which is waaaay darker and much more lush.  Kinda hurts your eyes to look at that, there's so much green around!

It was easy not to plant any flowers in late March and early April cause I just plain old knew better.  We always get some kind of cold blast just when we think it's safe to plant.  Plus, none of the shops around town had their shipments of flowers out yet.  No temptation at all.  

Until today.  

I must confess I was not studying the road quite as well as I should have when I drove past a drug store that had all of the most colorful flowers in the world sitting outside waiting for me to buy them.  But I resisted.  Mostly cause I couldn't stop without causing a major accident, and Bud would have been irritated beyond irritated at an unscheduled stop.

But now the flowers are out, and I must have self-control.  Must have self-control.  Must have self-control.

I give myself about two more weeks before I buy flowers.  Then it's a mad dash to get them all planted and feeling groovy in my yard before the end of May hits and I am overwhelmed by an overflowing schedule of running a race, going on vacation, and helping my niece with her graduation party.  All in the space of two weeks.  And fit work in there, too.  And try and keep training for another race the weekend after all this madness.  

I shall remain calm.  Yep.  


  1. Honeyman brought me home some marconi and banana pepper plants. Yes, I love them, but I can't plant them for a month. He got so excited when he saw them unloading the truck.

    1. It's hard to stay calm if you're a garden fan!

  2. That wind was INSANE- I kept my littles inside for recess because I didn't have enough rope to tether them to the playground! Just let me know when you're ready to plant so I can send Turtle round to help you :)

    1. I'll make sure she's got plenty of dirt to play with and a few sacrificial plants.

  3. I'm glad you can remain calm, cuz I'd be a spaz with that much on my plate. LOL There was a time when I totally rocked under pressure, but I'm just not as good with chaos as I used to be.

    I usually get my flowers on Mother's Day, but we've had such crazy weather, I guess we'll just have to see how it goes this year. Checked the hostas on Saturday and they were barely peeking out of the soil. By Sunday evening they were 5 inches high. Go figure, eh?! :~)


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