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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Coffee, Ham Sandwiches, And Moi

My life has become so damn boring lately that I'm even tired of myself.  

The highlight of my last week was making and eating brownies with a salted carmel frosting.  Of course I ate too much and felt sick for the rest of the day, until I took a nap and then made chicken and noodles.  That was Saturday.  

By Sunday night, I felt revived enough (and the sugar had all left my body) to eat another big chunk of the brownies.  They still tasted awesome, and I have decided that I have not lived until last Saturday, when I made that salted carmel frosting.  

Now it's Thursday night; I have tomorrow off but have to spend it sitting at the hospital waiting for my Mom to have a special experience with a scope in a special place. This will be optimum reading time, since I have no idea how long it will take, and don't want to leave and come back in case something weird happens.  Nook will be fully charged and a back up book will be in my purse.  

I talked in my last post about reading off the shelves at home, and rewarding myself with a $5 deposit in my trip fund for every book I read that I already have at home sitting on my shelves.  Well, I'm up $5!  Finished a wonderful book and found the letter  from the publisher in the ARC I had on the shelf--and it was dated February 2011.  So yes, I had that book on my shelf for a year.  So long that it originally came out in hardcover, and now the paperback is coming out in a few weeks.  Oops.  (BTW, ARC means advance reader's copy.  Usually a paperback version of the book that's coming out in hardcover.)

But this has fired me up!  Bud was laughing at me last night as I prowled from bookcase to bookcase, perusing the titles and trying to figure out what to read next.  Like I don't already have 4 books started.  Now I'll have 5.  

And since tonight I'm going to be lying on the couch, reading away, I though I would include a recipe for a super easy dinner that Bud calls "Breadcrumb Pasta". I made it last night for supper cause I wanted some comfort food, and after a busy day at work it is a no brainer for a quick meal.  I calculated a rough estimate of how much it cost to make, and I came in at around $5 for both Bud and I to eat a huge pan of it.  I substitute deli ham for the proscuitto, since it's so horribly expensive.  I bought enough ham to make myself a few sandwiches and have enough left over for homemade pizza on Friday night.  Here's the recipe, courtesy of Giada de Laurentiis:

Oh--another thing:  I cut down on the olive oil a bit, and keep back a cup of the pasta water just in case the pasta gets a bit dry when you're mixing it together.  I also toss the ham into the breadcrumbs while they're toasting so it warms up.

I usually roast broccoli to have with this, too.  

There's always enough left over for Bud to have for lunch the next day.  This is how much I love this man--I give up this highly addictive pasta dish for his lunch.  Sad clown face for me!


  1. If it's the same test my mom has to have every few years, it takes 4 hours. Or it did the first time she had it done.
    That salted caramel frosting sounds yummy.
    I'll check out the pasta recipe, thanks.

  2. I've seen Giada make that a few times and always wanted to try it. I was always afraid that T wouldn't like it because he's all about "the sauce" when it comes to pasta dishes. Me? I'd eat pasta if it was boiled with the cardboard box, so I know I'd be happy with it. I need to make those brownies really soon, too. Every time you mention them in your posts, I find my mouth watering.

    Best of luck to your mom. I've had "that" test and it depends on whether or not they are doing two procedures at the same time. If both, it's about 2 hours and if it's one, then about an hour.

    The waiting time and recovery time depend on the place and how busy it is or isn't. Wow. That was helpful, huh? Vague, much Mary?

    Anywhooo, hang in there and have an awesome weekend!


    1. Thanks Mary. My Mom is one of those people who always take it to 11, so I am prepared for a difficult afternoon. I'm glad I'm making pizza tonight! Carb comfort :)

  3. I dont think I could manage more than one book at a time, I am struggling to make time for the brick I am reading at the moment

    Those brownies sound wonderfully wicked

    1. Mynx, I've had so many people tell me they can only read one book at a time, and then they shyly confess a few months later that they're reading a few at a time. Heck, it keeps my mind jumping around, so that's good!

      Brownies are one of God's greatest gifts to us. We should eat them whenever we can.

  4. You have just received the versatile blogger award. Come on over and pick it up.


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