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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Recap: I Think I Done Good

Well.  I was going to have beef tenderloin, but upon reaching the meat counter at my grocery store, the butcher told me it's $21.00 a pound.  Holy Shit, Batman!  

No beef tenderloin for Bud.  I feverishly searched the beef section, looking for something, anything! that would be suitable for a special dinner.  Steak?  No, I don't want him to have to stand out in the dark and grill his own steak.  Pork?  No!  I wanted beef.  So I found a pot roast.  Just the name Pot Roast has such a romantic, hearts aflutter, birds chirping feel about it, right?  

Thank god for Google.  My Mom made pot roast all the time when I was growing up, and I remember the smell, and the taste. But I don't have Mom's special pot to cook it in, and I can't remember how she did it.  So Google, my bestie friend gave me this recipe: Pot Roast to Wow A Man (My name for it).  I decided to put it in the oven, cause I didn't trust myself to cook it properly on the stove.  

I followed the directions, but made a few changes, cause I can't help but f**k around with a recipe:  I added beef broth instead of bullion, and put salt, pepper, garlic powder, and onion powder on the roast before browning it.  Dumped in the broth and basil, and put it in the oven.  After an hour, I tossed a few chunked potatoes in the pot, and put it back in the oven.  No carrots (hate cooked carrots!) and no celery (hate celery!).  After another 45 minutes, I took it out and had Bud check it.  He said, ominously, "Yep, it's done" and took it out of the pot to cut it up.  

And the magic began.  Right then and there in my wee little kitchen.  I heard, from a distance "This is sooooo tender!" and then Bud shoved a piece in my face. and holy shit, he was right.  I did a happy dance, singing "I didn't screw it up!  I cooked it right!"  And Bud was happy.  And world continued to turn.  

The beans were tasty as all get out, too.  I couldn't roast them, since the pot roast was in the oven on low and slow, so instead I steamed them in the microwave, then dumped chopped olives, chopped sun dried tomatoes, feta cheese, and a bit of lemon zest and lemon juice on them.  They were the bomb, too.

So I managed to make a meal that Bud loved.  He was very complimentary, and didn't say much as he shoveled it all in his pie hole.  I told him to save room for dessert, but I was a bit worried this would be my downfall.

I kinda messed up the dessert, even though it looked awesome.  I ditched the recipe I had picked, just cause I didn't feel like buying little baking dishes for it.  So instead, I made it using the Pioneer Woman's recipe, which has no cream in it!
Yep.  It has hot coffee instead, and no oven time.  I didn't tell Bud about the coffee, since he's not a huge fan.  And I added Grand Marnier to it, like Ree did.  I didn't blend the mixture enough, so the chocolate chips weren't completely dissolved.  

This I did not know until I "tested" a cup of it later.  Aw, crap.  But I forged ahead anyway, and did whip up some real whip cream, and added some orange zest to the top of it.  

Bud loved it.  I told him not to eat the whole thing, cause it was really rich and, well, I didn't want him to have issues today.  But he ate the whole thing anyway.

He told me today he liked the bits of chocolate chips in it.  

I was gobsmacked.  

Here's the recipe for Ree Drummond's Pots de Creme.  Super easy, and so rich you will be amazed.  And no cream--just eggs.  

So I did okay for this dinner.  I can now make pot roast--I will always always cook it in a dutch oven low and slow & in the oven.  Fool proof.  And it tasted just like I remember it did, all those years ago.  

And most importantly, Bud gave me a high five.  And a kiss.  And a hug.  

Now what the hell am I gonna make next?!

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  1. Woohoo! Plus you have all sorts of lovely leftovers to keep you in lunch for a few days :D


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