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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Kale Chip Update & Some Other Foodie Stuff

I made kale chips again; this time with cajun seasoning sprinkled on just before baking.  I baked them too long, and some were burnt.  I'm thinking 12 minutes in the oven will be about right.

Bud took one look at them, and said "What is wrong with that lettuce?  It looks rotten!"

I had to take the remaining kale from the fridge and show him the before product.  He tried one, but wasn't impressed.  By golly, he will be impressed with future efforts, cause I really like kale chips and I'm gonna keep making them!

I have another snack for you that is so extraordinarily yummy that my stomach is growling just thinking of them.  Perfect for a quick snack, or if guests drop by and you need nibbles.  Also would be good with a salad for a warm summer night.  

Here it is:  slice a baguette into rounds, brush with olive oil, and put in a 350 degree oven until toasted.  I guessed at the time; around 6-7 minutes or until they look good.

While they're toasting, combine softened goat cheese, lemon zest, and chopped kalamata olives together.  No need for salt, since the olives are salty on their own.

Spread on warm baguette slices.   Then hold off your guests or loved ones as you eat every last bit.  Cause you will.  Trust me on this.  

I have no pictures for this--made it a few weeks ago, and can't stop thinking about it!  Perfect for Valentine's Day with your sweetie.  It's on my menu for dinner that night.  

I was reading an article in a foodie magazine about roasting green beans.  Apparently they're quite tasty this way but look a bit odd.  You roast them til they're wrinkled!  I quickly typed in some of the recipes on my Itouch notes and can't wait to try this.  Bud and I love roasted asparagus and broccoli, so this is a must try for me.  I will let you know how these turn out, and try and remember to take pictures.  

It's that time of year when thoughts turn to my backyard, and a yearning for growing things starts to sputter in my 'lil 'ole chest.  Since I don't plan (and we all know this can change) on running any major races this year, I will have more time to spend in the yard, attempting to grow things.  I am hoping to try gardening on top of the yard, rather than digging up the yard.  I think Bud will help me build a few boxes for veggies.  I haven't had much success with tomatoes or peppers in pots, so I'm going to try this.  I am averting my eyes from seed catalogs and greenhouses.  Not going anywhere near them. 


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  1. Ya gotta love men... Sounds just like something T. would say. ;~) Tell him that Kale helps to boost testosterone and that might change his mind. LOL

    Those goat cheese and kalamata crostini sound amazing! Kind of like a greek salad in two bites. The spread might be good on it's own as a dip for veggies too. Maybe even for Kale chips!

    We've done raised bed veggie gardens many times and they are so much better than digging up the yard. If you build them "up" it saves a lot of back strain too. We should really get back to it this year. I miss those fresh from the vine tomatoes and cukes.

    OK.. getting hungy now. Better go get another cup of coffee. Have a great week!


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