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Friday, January 20, 2012

More Snow on the Way and a Being Crabby: Part Deux

Wow!  More snow coming--I've checked the radar, and it's making it's way across Nebraska and into Iowa as I type.  I understand Washington State got hammered and on top of snow got ice, which pretty much shut the whole state down.  That's what I'd like to happen here, but it won't happen unless we get at least a foot and it blows like hell. 

Dang it, the Midwest is prepared for snow.  A gazillion snow plows (although never enough to get the side streets plowed in a reasonable amount of time), brine for the streets, piles of sand, countless lawn care businesses who stay operating this season making money by plowing out businesses and clearing off sidewalks.  

We simply have no excuse to not drive around in this crap!  Which makes it stressful when you must go to work because other people will feel like they must run errands  in the middle of a snow storm.  Let's just all agree when it snows more than 2 inches, we shut down the city, everyone stays home, and we all drink hot chocolate with marshmallows.  Our stress levels would be gone, we'd have family time--or lovely time to ourselves--to nap, watch movies, make a pot of chili, or read a book.   

Yes, I am a touch crabby.  An unexpected bout of bronchitis and the accompanying feeling icky/taking a course of antibiotics and steroids have kept me up for--now counting--2 nights.  I simply cannot sleep, and I want to!  Then trek to work, where I continue to feel crabby since I am tired, coughing, and now sneezing every 20 seconds.  If only I felt better, I could get a lot done instead of lying in bed tossing around my pillows every five minutes.  I'm actually hot, and it's below zero outside!  How is this possible?  And dang it, I'm hungry-but not; can't taste anything, but kinda can around the edges.  Enough to keep me eating but not enjoying a dang thing.  

So I have Friday to get though.  A day at work, where it will probably be busy for awhile, then as the snow increases, trickle down to not much. I'd love to call in sick (which I never do), but circumstances won't let me have this luxury.   I do have the weekend off, and plan on doing nothing.  I am forcing myself to stay home and stay in my owl pajamas most of Saturday, at least.  The kitchen is stockpiled with eggs, milk, coffee, tea, and bread.  A few meals planned for the weekend in case Bud comes over to see his sickie.  Two movies from Netflix coming in the mail, and of course 3-4 books to finish.  If I can concentrate long enough.  I may end up lying on the couch nursing a cup of tea and eating a bag of lozenges.  And applying lotion to my nose.  A podcast to conduct, although I may have to wait until I can talk without the barking seal making an appearance.  

Oh yes--and snow to shovel!  Whoo-hoo!!!  How is your winter coming along?  Are you exercising, waking with a smile on your face, and glowing with good health?  I think that will have to wait for me til March.  


  1. We had snow for a few hours the other day. Ha! The whole city goes crazy when it snows here. Schools shut down, roads are closed...really is kind of funny. ;) Doesn't last long though so it surely is exciting. Now just back to rain rain rain. :)

  2. You are so entitled to feel crabby. I'm sorry you are under the weather. :( I think everybody feels "eh" this week, I swear! Mom, me, one of my closest friends--all of us had ick days this week.

    Best thing for a crabby mood: Mr. Darcy. (since the DVD finally claimed me as a Darcy gal, I've been on a Mr. Darcy kick and watching things like Pride & Prejudice so works).

    You feel better. *Hugs*

  3. So sorry you are not well. I would kind of like to experience a real winter with snow. I guess I would have to be visiting your side of the world for that to happen.
    Not entirely sure though that I would want to live somewhere where it always snows in the winter.

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  4. Feel better soon! Glad you have the weekend off so you can rest up. Get snuggled up on that sofa & know that the Barfing Turtle is sending good thoughts to Aunty Barking Seal :-P

  5. Thanks Ladies! Mynx, everyone should experience a good snow storm at least once in their life! It can be very beautiful and peaceful. Except when you're driving in it :)

    Frisky: I'm glad they finally recognized you as a Darcy girl. We all knew that from the get go!

    Amanda: I hope you're being careful running in that rain!

    C-Joy: I hope Barfing Turtle gets better soon. And doesn't give it to her parents!

  6. It didn't do much here. I think you are getting more that a way.
    But, it is too dang cold.
    I hope you get to feeling better.

  7. Pretty much past my crud, but still zero motivation. I opted out of the steroids and just took antibiotics. Last time the steroids kept me awake for 3 or 4 days straight and I didn't want to go through that again.

    Hope you're feeling better soon so you can really taste that yummy hot chocolate. I'd find some kid to shovel for $10 or let Bud be a knight in shining armor when he comes by. You can thank him with that big pot of chili!

    Stay warm (or cool) and take it easy. Rest is as good, if not better, than the meds when it comes to kicking this crap's a$$. Sending some good vibes your way...


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