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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Getting Back to a Normal--Err--Semi-Normal Life

What the hell, January.  Thanks for starting 2012 off with a load of crap.  The only thing that has saved this tiny little brain is sitting in a corner and reading books, blogs, and twitter.  

I think Bud and I have spent a total of 5 evenings together.  He's sick, I'm sick, I work at night, he's got tons o' work to do at his business.  This equals "Maybe we'll see each other next week."  I miss my sweetie.  Reading Ree Drummond's The Pioneer Woman  didn't help this situation, either.  Geez, that woman has some sparks going on with her man!  The only bonus to this is that it makes me realize I do still love, want, and need my man around.  All the time.  Sparks are still there.  

I am not one to get sick.  When I do, I am not a happy person.  Getting bronchitis came out of nowhere.  No symptom except an annoying little tickle at the bottom of my throat.  Bud telling me to "go to the doctor NOW" had me trotting off, sure I was wasting my money.  Nope.  Surprise!  Didn't feel really all that bad.  But that changed rapidly. A rapid descent into feeling like absolute garbage.  Shocked my body had let me down so quickly and without putting up a good fight.   And then there are the medications I was prescribed.  

I don't take kindly to medication.  Only medicinal stuff I like is a good drink.

My body does not like steroids.  In fact, it has rebelled in awful ways.  Sleep?  What?  Nope.  Tummy probs?  Yep.  Bloating?  Yep.  Tastebuds out of whack?  Hell yes.  I can't even drink coffee, and this is pretty much my morning comfort.  I love hot tea, too. I'd rather be drinking it sitting in the Orangery at Kensington Palace with my pal C-Joy.   But I love coffee more.  I've taken to drinking a lot of tea, looking forlornly at my coffee and wiping a tear from my eye.  Sniff sniff.  

So I've been operating on pretty much very little sleep.  And I am somehow so wide awake, that I am constantly muttering to myself "I can't believe how awake I am!  This is what it's like!"  I don't like this.  I'm used to operating on little sleep and feeling fuzzy around the edges all the time.  

And then there's the cough.  I get it every year; it's annoying.  I can't help it.  But usually it goes away as it gets warmer outside.  But not this time.  Called the doctor to get a cough syrup to help keep me from spontaneously coughing all the time.  Can I just say this cough syrup has warnings on it?  "ONLY TAKE THE RECOMMENDED DOSE"  "MAY CAUSE DROWSINESS"  "SUE, DO NOT DRINK ANY BOOZE WITH THIS, STUPID GIRL"  So I was a good girl, took the prescribed dose, and drank a bunch of water.  Within 30 minutes I felt loopy and had a slight buzz. I actually had to lay down on the couch and close my eyes.  Yep, closed my eyes!!

So between the steroids (which thankfully are all done now) and the cough syrup, my body just does not know what to do.  If I had the energy, I could probably have re-roofed my house, painted all the walls, and organized every cupboard in the place.  I certainly have had enough awake time for all of that.  

Instead, I've read an obscene amount of books, tried not to talk for any length of time, and been told by Bud I need to get rid of my 4 pack a day voice.  He doesn't find it attractive.  Neither do I.  I am impressed at the depth of my voice.  

So today I am prying my ass off the couch and taking some time to "fling" junk out of my house.  Cleaning out the drawers of all the junk I've accumulated here, there, and everywhere.  I did it in my kitchen a few weeks ago, and every time I open those drawers, I am a happy chick.  I am going to get rid of all those old phone books--duh, I didn't realize I could put them in the recycle bin!  And yes, I am venturing into the basement to poke around at boxes, sigh, then come back upstairs.  

And this Pinterest thing.  I am trying to get it, I really am.  I am confused.  It's just gonna make me want stuff that right at this moment I am unaware I will need desperately after looking at it on Pinterest.  Thanks.  

I'm not gonna whine anymore.  Well.  Maybe about the coffee thing.  Just a little. And eat some yogurt.  Jamie Leigh Curtis, I'm listening to you!


  1. January does suck eggs! And i am sorry it's been so disspointing for you. Still, i can feel great positivity through this post, and that's a good thing.

    Ps, did i ever tell you i set up a little reading corner in my house inspired by you? Yes, i must take photos of it :D

  2. My daughter can't even taken prescription cough syrup, which sucks when she is sick.
    I am on Pinterest too. Sort of. I've not done a thing with it, because I am kind of confused by it too.

  3. Luckily I rarely get sick but when I do I get very sick (eg walking pnuemonia instead of a cold) and medicines are rarely helpful.

    As for Pinterest - I hear you, I get pin envy far too easily!

    Glad you are feeling better!

    Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out


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