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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Brain Cells A-Poppin'

I seriously think my mind has been on vacation for the last few weeks.  It didn't inform me of this, just left and has come back with photos and a hangover.  

Finally, Finally! The bronchitis from hell seems to be leaving.  Uggh.  This is why I get sick only once every 2-3 years.  When I do, it takes the stuffing out of me. But--it has left me with a lingering problem, one that I finally figured out last night--lack of bacteria in the old gut.  Yep.  Those antibiotics did a number on the middle section of my body, and every time I eat or drink pretty much anything lately, I've had major issues.  After a lovely dinner with Bud last night, he dropped me off at home.  Thank God!  I just made it.  Blech.  Mind racing, I kept trying to figure out what the heck was wrong.  Am I suddenly lactose intolerant?  Is God trying to get me to lose weight?  What the heck?  

Duh.  Quick input into Google, and there's my answer.  And stupid me, this same thing happened last year when I took antibiotics.  But last year, someone ( I can't remember who) told me to eat lots of yogurt when I was taking those meds.  Somehow I've completely killed that brain cell with the vital info, cause I didn't remember that.  Now I have to get to the grocery store and grab some probiotics and not eat a damn thing before I do.  Quite frankly, I'm afraid to eat.  This fear has not kept my stomach from wanting every damn thing on the planet.  Oh no, bring on the cheese, mochas, and pasta.

So besides that exciting breakthrough from my atrophied brain, things are getting back to normal.  I can finally talk for awhile without coughing, so I can do another Bookalicious Babe podcast very soon!  And I'm getting a lot accomplished at work.  My book reading has slowed down, since I am not lounging around on the couch for days on end.  But I am still reading and have 3 books in the mix right now.  Dare I hope to get to the gym this next week?  Heck yes.  Gotta get a sweat moving through this body.  

Bud and I will be celebrating our 10th anniversary this Thursday.  We cannot believe it has been 10 years of togetherness.  I can only say the time has flown because I'm with such a wonderful man who makes my life shine and keeps me balanced.  Our only plan for Thursday is to have dinner somewhere "nice", per my request.  So what do you get your man for such an occasion? I have no clue.  I will use my newly minted brain to come up with something by Thursday.  Perhaps it will be me making an effort and looking spiffy for dinner out.  What the heck!  I have no clue.  But whatever I do, it will never adequately let him know just how much he means to me and that I can't wait to spend another 10 years with him.  

Have a great week everyone!  


  1. I am so glad you are feeling better. I've had pharmacists tell me to eat yogurt while on antibiotics.
    Maybe you will get to the enjoy thew weather tomorrow. Supposed to be so nice.
    Congrats on 10 years of togetherness!

  2. Oh yeah, great picture of you too!


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