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Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012: Modest Goals Set And Happy Times Ahead

Wow.  It's here.  2012.  I remember when people freaked out about 1984 and Big Brother.  Now it's way past that, Big Brother is still probably out there, and I'm ready to start fresh again.   I am big on beginnings and endings.  The end of the calendar year is time for me to refocus, clean out the junk and plan to start afresh with enthusiasm and, perhaps, some misplaced optimism.  But it's there for a few days, anyway :P

I've written myself a goal sheet that takes me to June of 2012.  My goals for this year are modest since I've decided to stop putting so much pressure on myself.  That doesn't seem to work, so I'm backing off.  I'm going to run for fun, take my health and eating habits and work to improve them, and get my financial house in order.  All this, and cleaning out the junk in my house--which may be the toughest job of them all!

So here's to a new year; another year to spend with my sweetie--which means the world to me--and focusing on my houses--the one I live in, my body, and the mental house.  Keeping them clutter free, peaceful, smelling like lavender, appreciating everything I have, and working to make them all a better place.

Oh--you didn't think I'd forget about books, did you?  I'm not setting a specific goal this year.  I'm going to read like I always do, and read what I want.  I plan on reading some great stuff, and keeping track of it all.  And setting my book reviews and podcasts out into the world for more people to see and hear.

Happy New Year, everyone!  May you have a safe and happy night and a wonderful 2012.


  1. Love your goals!

    Happy New Year to you!!

  2. Awesome goals! I agree that getting rid of the junk would be the toughest goal of all! :)

    Happy New Year to you, Sue!


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