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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Will This Weekend Never End?!

I woke up this morning thinking it was Monday.  Yesterday I was convinced it was Sunday.  I cannot take these 4 day weekends!  Seriously, I think my brain has aged at an unnatural pace since turning 45.  I am looking ahead to this week and getting back to a "normal" routine.  How normal it will be, 4 weeks before Christmas I don't know.  I'm thinking the Christmas decorations will go up next weekend and writing out greeting cards will happen earlier this week.  

Mother Nature has swept in with winds and really cold weather for the past few days.  I think we have run out of mild days for the year.  Crossing fingers that any bad snow storms hold off til after Christmas!  Then I can thoroughly enjoy a good blizzard and a foot of snow by staying home and eating soup.  

The workouts just didn't happen last week, so I'm resetting the workout clock this week and telling myself that getting to the gym 3 times this week is the goal.  Should be a goal I can make.  I feel like a fatty Mcfatty and miss running each week.  Treadmill, here I come!  And some weights.  

Just found out drinking wine can help lower your risk for diabetes.  Not that I need any excuses for drinking wine....but nice to have a back up.  I'll raise a glass to that!

I'm entering my last month of my Reading Challenge for the year.  Can't believe it, and I'm planning a celebration at my bookstore at the end of January for everyone locally who took part in it.  Can't wait to see who shows up, and what and how much they've read this year.  I'll have a recap of my favorite reads in a few weeks.  And more podcasts are coming!  I am sadly behind in this--love to do it, but haven't had a moment to gather my thoughts.  Lots of books to talk about so stay tuned and I'll post those podcasts.  Hope to have two this week.

Are you ready to get back to your routine?  Or did you never leave it?  

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  1. I was just lamenting that the weekend was almost OVER! But then I haven't been running after people who are Christmas shopping :-P Just three more weekends, right?


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