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Monday, November 21, 2011

Week in Review--Yes, I Know It's Monday, But It Feels Like Friday

On my other blog, Bookalicious Babe, I talk about being exhausted from only two weekends of holiday retail work.  I still have about 6-8 to go.  I will get through it, as I always do.  I will endeavor to work out, take my vitamins, and get enough "I just have to be alone" time where I can do nothing at home, or splurge on a lunch during the week.  The exercise and the vitamins may not happen, even with my good intentions.  Sometimes finding that sweet spot in bed--you know, the place where all the pillows are just right, the covers are perfect, and you are simply in a blissful place that you don't want to get out of anytime soon is waaaay more important than getting on a treadmill and running in a stuffy gym.  A close second is drinking a cup of really good coffee!

Anyway, the past week has certainly been a busy one for me, and I was reminded just how many great people I have around me.  Like Regina and Amanda.  Two co-workers--and friends--who surprised me with a lovely gift that will continue to feed my book obsession.  And another Amanda--another co-worker--who gifted me with a signed copy of a kid's book from a local author who was in our store for an author event.  Another wonderful surprise from a very sweet lady.  She also loves to read and is my go to person for kid's books.  

And then there's my sweetie, Bud.  He gave me flowers, took me to dinner, and gave me the most wonderful card.  I will add it to all the others he has given me over the years.  Sometimes I look through them and can see the progression of our relationship from newly dating to where we are today.  Can't imagine loving anyone else like I love him.  It really is an indescribable feeling to look at someone and know they are "it".  What a calm, steady, anchoring feeling that is--and those are the easiest words I can find for that overwhelming love.

So here comes Christmas!  A slight freak out on my part a few days ago about decorating for Christmas.  I somehow managed to block out any decorating memories from last year, so I am mentally recreating what I did so I can do it again!  Probably next week, I think.  Gotta clean the house tip to toe before decorating, and buying a few holiday scented candles is on my list, too.  Love to have them lit all during December when I'm home at night.  And sometimes during the day, too.  Gotta put my Christmas music play list back on my Peapod, so I can listen to sappy Christmas tunes while I'm at the gym.  

Get it here

And food?  Hello! The limoncello is in the basement, busy working to make a delicious beverage.  I may make another boozy gift this week--we'll see.  Chocolate crinkle cookies, date bread, and homemade chai applesauce are also on the menu.  I'm narrowing down my Christmas Eve menu for Bud and I--may be going with a beef tenderloin this year.  Quick to make, and perfect for two on a special occasion with a really good bottle of wine.  

It's hard to believe Thanksgiving is this week, and Christmas is around the corner. Let's hope the blizzards hold off til January!  


  1. Love all of your cartoons. Especially the one about loving someone with "all my butt". LOL

    I'm sitting here on the computer when I should be doing the million and one things I need to do for Turkey Day. I need some serious motivation and I can't even begin to think about Christmas yet. Gives me heart palpatations...

    Have a great week and an amazing Thanksgiving!

    ~Mrs B

  2. Blizzards!? Don't say such an evil word.Bad driving weather needs to stay away until I can get new tires for the truck. I don't wanna be snowed in.
    Happy Thanksgiving!


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