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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Throwing in the Towel--Does This Create More Laundry?

My NaNoWriMo experience lasted all of approximately 580 words.  Yep.  That's all I've managed since November 1st, and I am throwing in the towel!  No time to sit and type.  Last year I really worked hard, and accomplished my goal.  This year, I just can't get a story to flow out of my tiny little brain.  And I just don't have extra moments to write.   Kinda knew that going into it, but thought I would try anyway. I am gracefully bowing out.  It's getting easier, as I get older, to walk away from stuff without much angst.  My days of endlessly pondering things, and feeling so worked up about them are coming to a close.  Phew.  That feeling is priceless!  If I can't do it, I can't do it.  Case closed.  I'll try again some other time.
It's here

I still have detrashing to do after my trip, and this is my first day off in 7 days, so I am busy finishing up a ton of laundry (how can one person create so much?!)--and yes, I will actually fold it all and put it away today.  I have a horrible habit of putting it in laundry baskets and walking down to the basement to pick through for clean clothes to wear to work--everyday.
This is what I wear when I run out of pants

I did use the leaf blower yesterday to create a ginormous mound of leaves in my back yard for the city to pick up in a few days.  I am a lawn person who waits until everything is down before raking up the leaves.  Why spend every other day out in the yard, when I can just do it all in one shot?  My forearms and hands are feeling it today.  If it gets windy today, I will be pissed.  

find it here

I also ran yesterday for the first time in over a week.  Just simply didn't have time before then, and it was such a beautiful day!  I managed 2 miles and my body was happy, but in shock.  I don't have any races planned, and nothing much planned for the winter except to keep running some miles every week (mostly on the treadmill) and working out at the gym to build some muscle.  My goal is to burn off enough calories so that I can still eat the good stuff with no guilt!  

How is everyone coping with the hour turn back?  I am still adjusting.  I keep thinking it's so much later in the early evening--it's getting dark here by 5 pm.  I just makes me want to build a cocoon and sleep.  And eat.  And read.  Not good when you have lots to do.  Today is "makin' liquer" day at my house!  Limoncello production starts today.  Heading off to the store to buy mucho lemons and begin the juicing.  See, basements are good for something--a cool dark place to let the booze mature.  As long as the creature under the stairs leaves it alone--and folds my laundry--I will be a happy camper.


  1. My basement is good for staying away from.
    I'd probably drive you nuts with my laundry routine.
    As soon as the dryer goes off, I just have to get the clothes out and once in the basket they get folded. I just have to fold them. It's a compulsion.
    I love the tree cartoon.

  2. I confess the Nanowrimo doesnt really appeal to me but I certainly admire those like you who can complete the challenge.
    Your clocks went back ours went forward as we move into summer. I am certainly enjoying the longer days

  3. My "closet" is now in the basement so the clothes don't have far to go, yet I STILL manage to use my laundry hampers as dresser drawers......

    Do you need a Turtle to come jump in your leaf pile? I'm sure she would oblige!

  4. Ruth: I used to fold my clothes right away; now it's just easier not to! Every time I tell my self I will fold them pronto, and it just doesn't happen.

    Mynx: Yes, we are rapidly heading towards the darkest day of the year, and then it's looking up! I do enjoy the extra hour of sleep. And I will try NaNoWriMo next year.

    C-Joy: No, Turtle cannot come over and jump. I fear we would lose her in the pile of leaves!

  5. Do you have a recipe? Limoncello is my husband's favorite drink!!

  6. I hear you about the time change. harumph! It will probably take me until February to get used to it and we'll be heading back toward Spring! LOL

    I fold laundry immediately, but only because I hate to iron. It's the putting away part that I have a problem with. We live out of the laundry basket more often than not.

    I don't blame you about NaNo. Who wouldn't rather be making Limoncillo?! I love it over ice with a little bit of Sprite or 7-Up. Yummm!

    ~Mrs B

    (The tree cartoon is hilarious!)


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