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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Prepping for Christmas

Like my blog background?  I love it!  Makes me happy, and will see me through the holiday season and into March.  It's one of the first things I have done today, my day off--the Day of Doing Stuff at Home.

Did I go to the gym this morning?  No.  Instead, I got up and gave myself 15 minutes to clean out the top drawer in my kitchen.  Time to toss all those Hammer Gels from my marathon training all those years ago.  Don't think they were meant to last this long.  I immediately felt lighter cleaning all that garbage out, and straightening my drawer.  Now it's off to washing the inside windows, rehanging the curtains I washed yesterday, then getting in a quick dash for holiday shopping before I go to the gym this afternoon.  Yep.  Going to hit the gym after the lunch crowd, and before the after school crowd shows up.  

I am pondering what changes I'll make to my blogs next year, and what I will be focusing on as I begin 2012.  I am not a computer brainiac, and quite honestly I'm amazed I've figured out this much so far.  I am one of those people who will just hit a button to see what happens.  This has not turned out to be a bad thing :P  

Wrapping myself in Christmas cheer, burning the candles, and plotting my cookie baking output.  And really, just how many cookies can I eat? I think probably a marathon's mileage worth of cookies.  Which calculates out to maybe 2.5 cookies.  
Dang it.


  1. 2.5 cookies a day? Or an hour? It can't be for the whole season.
    You must enjoy the cookies!
    I like the snowflakes.

  2. I like the new background Sue!!! It's totally bright and cheery and screams snow! I can't wait to see what challenges you chuck your way this year, you are a very inspiring chick, you know!

  3. Ruth, I will eat cookies whenever the mood strikes. I make chocolate crinkle cookies which are pretty much like little bites of brownie. They are sooooo good.

    Tracy:You are the inspiring one, sister! I could not manage a cleanse for an hour, much less days and days. That takes tremendous will power! My challenges are just to keep the ol' brain cells firing and not getting larger cause I can't stop eating!


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