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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tick Tock Tick Tock


The bad thing about planning a trip 7 months in advance is that you forget about it for months at a time, then realize it's getting closer, then forget about it again until OH CRAP!  It's coming up really fast, and I am unprepared.  As in running around trying to put together a small wardrobe to fit into carry on baggage, buying small airline sized beauty products, and remembering all those damn print outs that I need to get my race packet and my shuttle pass.  

I had planned on running a 6-8 miler this week, but the one day it was really warm I was too busy with yard work and a gazillion other things.  When I did try and do some hill work, I ended up sucking air and feeling horrible, so I stopped.  There was no improving that workout, so I gracefully stepped back and decided to try again today.  

So today it is 30 degrees colder than yesterday--43 outside and gloomy.  Nope, not going to run outside today.  I went to the Y instead, and was pretty happy with my treadmill run of 2.5 miles that included hills and speed work; then I walked the track to hit my 3 mile mark.  I got the ugly sweat on, and my face is still beat red.  But it felt good, and the shoes are feeling good, too.  Since the rest of my time before the trip is so jam packed with work and other activities, I'm focusing on visiting the Y for short runs on the treadmill and keeping the speed up.  I figure short hill and speed workouts for the next few days are better than nothing at all.  

Soup, soup.  It is calling me.  I have a sack of potatoes to use up and a craving for green chiles, so I'm going to make a green chile/potato soup.  I can't imagine this will taste nothing short of spectacular.  My stomach is growling just thinking of it.  A sale on potatoes (.99 for a 5 pound bag) has kept me making au gratin potatoes, german potato salad, and "hobo" potatoes.  I am potatoed out!  But the soup can be frozen and will be a great supper this winter.  I'm also craving some date bars, so I may have to make those sometime soon, too.  And bonus--Bud doesn't like them, so I get to eat them all.  Sweet.


  1. Not so sure I would like date bars either but if you cooked me some that I would like. Wish I liked to cook. Trips always sneak up on me! Good luck getting all your stuff together.

  2. You should put your potato soup recipe up. That sounds good. I'd try the date bars too. :)

  3. The soup sounds amazing. I agree totally that you should post the recipe if you get the chance. I'd looooove to try it. I think Mr B would be a happy camper too.

    Wow! The race really isn't far off is it? I know how you feel about things that you've planned long ago sneaking up on you like that. Frankly, I predict that you're gonna kick that half marathon's butt!

    Hang in there and keep us posted!
    ~Mrs B

  4. Like I said, you are Wonder Woman. :)


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