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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Running and Fish Tacos

Today running and fish tacos went together for me.  I set out for my 12 mile run today in perfect weather, with two Imodiums in my gut, and my watered-down orange juice bottle firmly affixed to my belt.  I stupidly did some squats and other random leg exercises yesterday, and that left me with painfully sore legs to run on.  

I ran pretty well and felt good through most of the run.  I got to 11:30 miles before I just couldn't run anymore.  I had slowed down considerably in the last few miles, and even took some walk breaks.  My feet were freakin' killing me!  New pads in my shoes, too.  I have to find other pads for my shoes that  have a bit more cushion for the balls of my feet.  And of course, my right foot hurt more than the left.  I don't get it.  But I made myself feel better about my run by realizing that on my 1/2 marathon, if I do have to stop and walk, or take extra water breaks (right now I plan on 1 every 4 miles), that I can still hopefully be very very close to making my time of 2:20.  By the grace of God, I will have wings on my feet and be so preoccupied looking at the scenery that I will run faster.

No poop issues!  Woohoo!  

So to treat myself for getting out there, swallowing my fear of failure, and making almost 12 miles, I took myself out to lunch at the Londoner, a British pub that serves some good food.  I have been thinking about their fish tacos for weeks!  I am not a fish eater, mind you--hardly any fish at all.  I like my cows.  But, they have great fish tacos--deep fried battered cod on a soft shell with corn, tomatoes, and a slaw that has the most incredible sauce--sweet and spicy.  Two of these tacos are usually too much for me to eat.  I also treated myself to a cold pint of Strongbow cider.  Yum.  But I couldn't finish the tacos or the cider.  Shame on me for not finishing that cider--a crime.  And I spent the whole time reading from my Nook, so I had a very lovely lunch all by myself, in a noisy pub where I didn't pay attention to anyone or anything while I mowed down my lunch and read a book.  Bliss.  

I'm extremely sore in my legs--those muscles have some rebuilding to do!  But the rest of me feels fine.  I feel that I will be ready to go in a month, and have one more long run--I'm attempting 15 miles in a few weeks.  Til then, I will continue to run hills and do some speed work.  I know  those have been a huge help in maintaining a faster run and cruising up hills without a thought.  Now to just get some comfy pads for my shoes!  And I also found another place on my body that needs my anti-chafing stick.  Delicate lady parts got rubbed raw and made it very painful to sit in the tub!  Lesson learned.


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