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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Whoopee!

Happy Halloween!!

I will be handing out goodies and watching ghost shows Halloween night.  Have Fun!  And eat some chocolate for me :P

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tick Tock Tick Tock


The bad thing about planning a trip 7 months in advance is that you forget about it for months at a time, then realize it's getting closer, then forget about it again until OH CRAP!  It's coming up really fast, and I am unprepared.  As in running around trying to put together a small wardrobe to fit into carry on baggage, buying small airline sized beauty products, and remembering all those damn print outs that I need to get my race packet and my shuttle pass.  

I had planned on running a 6-8 miler this week, but the one day it was really warm I was too busy with yard work and a gazillion other things.  When I did try and do some hill work, I ended up sucking air and feeling horrible, so I stopped.  There was no improving that workout, so I gracefully stepped back and decided to try again today.  

So today it is 30 degrees colder than yesterday--43 outside and gloomy.  Nope, not going to run outside today.  I went to the Y instead, and was pretty happy with my treadmill run of 2.5 miles that included hills and speed work; then I walked the track to hit my 3 mile mark.  I got the ugly sweat on, and my face is still beat red.  But it felt good, and the shoes are feeling good, too.  Since the rest of my time before the trip is so jam packed with work and other activities, I'm focusing on visiting the Y for short runs on the treadmill and keeping the speed up.  I figure short hill and speed workouts for the next few days are better than nothing at all.  

Soup, soup.  It is calling me.  I have a sack of potatoes to use up and a craving for green chiles, so I'm going to make a green chile/potato soup.  I can't imagine this will taste nothing short of spectacular.  My stomach is growling just thinking of it.  A sale on potatoes (.99 for a 5 pound bag) has kept me making au gratin potatoes, german potato salad, and "hobo" potatoes.  I am potatoed out!  But the soup can be frozen and will be a great supper this winter.  I'm also craving some date bars, so I may have to make those sometime soon, too.  And bonus--Bud doesn't like them, so I get to eat them all.  Sweet.

Friday, October 21, 2011

I"ve Got Nuthin'

I realized I haven't posted anything since last weekend.  Why?  Cause I got nuthin'.  Zippo. Zilch.  Boring.  Ran 12 miles on Monday in the 48 degree weather and froze my tushy off as soon as I stopped running.  Made me realize I really did need the new Asics Kayano 17's and that the 16's were done.  The other shoes I bought just aren't working for me when I ran. So now I have a pair of shoes to wear just for kicks.  Tested the new Asics this morning and was happy with them--and more importantly, my feet were happy.

Here's a picture of Halloween mirth.  I have a pumpkin on my front porch, but it's not carved.  Sad little pumpkin; I feel like it's getting pissed at me cause I haven't done anything to it.  Maybe Bud will help me carve it sometime next week.

Gonna get in one more longish run next week--hopefully around 8 miles.  Then it's working up until the day I leave for Savannah, so I won't have much time to run after mid-week next week.  I feel pretty good this time about being prepared for the half marathon.  The speed work and the hill work has certainly helped--I can run right up those hills now!  

That's it.  No more.  Have a great weekend!  

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Yum Yum Ribs

My ribs turned out great!  I used a dry rub recipe I found in Paula Deen's new cookbook Paula Deen's Southern Cooking Bible and it was sweet and spicy with a nice back heat to it.  My family chowed down on those ribs and they were gone in the blink of an eye.  I have never made "the real deal" ribs before, and I will certainly make them more often after this experience.  It is so easy to do, and I especially liked Paula Deen's option for oven cooking, since I did not have time to watch them over a grill for hours.  Just put 'em in a roasting pan with a little bit of water, cover, and bake for a few hours.  

I neglected to take pictures because I was running around like crazy making food in my kitchen for our cookout.  My house smelled sooo good with the ribs in the oven.  I'm not a big handler of raw meat, but I managed to not gross myself out Friday night while preparing the ribs, and I rubbed the dry rub mix over them so it had a very long time to sit and "mix" with the ribs before Bud put them in the oven Saturday afternoon.

Saturday was one busy day--working at my Mom's house to get a few things done for the winter, and meeting some resistance.  Bud once again came when I called, and using his charm and boundless energy saved the day and got things done.  I am used to his drive and energy, so I'm not surprised at what he can accomplish, but it was the first time some of my family saw him in action, and they were speechless.  He is a whirlwind!

Today is gutter day. My brother-in-law is coming over to help hold the ladder while I climb and clean out my gutters, and finish putting the gutter guards on them so I don't have to climb that damn ladder again!  It is a two person job due to the angle of my driveway and where the gutters on the front of my house are located.   I feel like I should have mountain climbing gear when I do this.  The driveway looks awfully hard from up high.  I'm hoping to get in a quick run this afternoon if the gutter cleaning goes quickly.  Otherwise, I'm going to do my last long run either Monday or Tuesday.  I took a 3 mile run on Friday in my old shoes with the new insoles and they felt great--no aches and pains.  

What Fall food are you making this week?  I would love to make an apple cake.  I made apple crisp again yesterday, and it was delish.  Perfect with a cup of coffee.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Getting Closer, Getting Nervous

I've never attended a race where there were 23,000 participants, and I've never gotten on a plane to fly to one, either.  And very rarely has Bud not been with me.  But all that will happen in just a few short weeks, and I am getting nervous!

I found out a few days ago that the start line appears to be much farther from my hotel than I thought.  And Savannah has shuttles that will take runners to the area near the start line.  It is kinda crappy that I have to pay $18 for a one way ticket there, but at least I know I'll get there in plenty of time to find my corral and wait for everything to begin.  Needless to say, I will not expect my sisters to wake up and go with me at 6 AM.  I will be on my own until I see them somewhere along the route (hopefully).

This means printing off lots of maps, turn by turn directions of the race, and where the "family" meeting area will be.  Plus making sure we all have our cell phones on!  And setting up a text message so they can see where I am along the route--and so can Bud from home.

I received my lovely YMX blue tribal running shirt the other day, and they very kindly included running sleeves that match.  It's a beautiful shirt, and I can't wait to wear it.  Thanks Bobbi for picking my name in your giveaway!

I am having issues with the shoes I bought a few weeks ago--and the insoles that I bought with them.  After a few runs, my legs, hips, and feet were really sore.  My feet always hurt after around 10 miles, but this was happening after only 5 miles.  I went to a local running store to get the insoles I usually have in my running shoes, only to find out they don't carry them anymore!  Aggh!  Panic!!  But they directed me to a local pharmacy that did carry them, and I was able to purchase a pair.  I'm going back to my old shoes, which still have plenty of miles left on them.  I just have to somehow repair the two small holes my toes have managed to create in the tops of my shoes.  Hey, no one will be looking at my feet, right?

This month has been incredibly busy, and my work schedule has been kinda all over the place.  It's made it difficult to get in much running.  I've only managed one 3 mile hill run, and a 5 mile "speed it up" run this past week.  I hope to get out today with my old shoes and new insoles and get in an 8 mile run before work.  Then one more long run next week--maybe Sunday, since on my other day off the high will be 49 degrees and a 40% chance of rain!  Eeek.  I would like to have this long run later in the week, but I work the rest of the week and won't be able to get in a very long run after work without running in the dark--which I can't do thanks to my horrible eye sight.  Oh, and fear of running alone at night!

I've entered the world of podcasts.  I have one posted, and I will soon be on iTunes!  You can check it out on my other blog bookalicious babe.  I hope to have a new podcast every two weeks.  It's about books and what I'm reading.  Another reason to stop training for races--I will have time to do this and so many other things I've been putting off for a long time.  I will still run, just not as much and no big races--local 5k's and anything else under 10 miles is my plan for next year.  

What's on your agenda for this weekend?  I am seeing family this weekend, and cleaning out gutters.  I know--I can hardly contain my excitement over those gutters.  I'm also making a bunch of food for a cookout on Saturday night.  My first experience with ribs--if I remember to take pictures, and they turn out, I will post 'em!  

Thursday, October 6, 2011

100 Book Challenge Met!

I have managed to somehow reach my 100 book challenge for 2011 today, just before I had to leave for work.  And I read a wonderful book as my 100th book, too.  It's late, I'm tired, so I will post a review of the book soon.  Suffice it to say, I am very happy to have actually kept track of all the books I've read this year--it is a first for me.  So when people say you can never learn or improve, well, I just did.  I am horrible at starting lists and then dropping them after a few weeks.  This is why it is impossible for me to keep a journal, and why a blog is much easier.  I will keep reading, since I still have a large backlog of books. Bud, who hasn't read a book since high school, is oddly proud of my achievement.  Someday I may get him to slow down enough to read something.  Some women want their better half to lose weight, learn a new skill, or just be home every night.  I don't want any of that--I want Bud to read a book!   I've still got a few decades left to wear him down, and since he's such a fan of the late Steve Jobs, I may have found just the book for him--it's out in a few weeks.

And for those who are still reading towards their goals this year, bravo to you!  Keep reading!  I am your biggest fan and so happy you've taken up the call to make time to read.  It has been such a huge part of my life that I can't imagine how colorless and gloomy my life would be without my beloved books.

Off to have a glass of wine to celebrate, then bed with a new book--one I think will make me yearn to go back to Ireland again.  More later! 

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Running and Fish Tacos

Today running and fish tacos went together for me.  I set out for my 12 mile run today in perfect weather, with two Imodiums in my gut, and my watered-down orange juice bottle firmly affixed to my belt.  I stupidly did some squats and other random leg exercises yesterday, and that left me with painfully sore legs to run on.  

I ran pretty well and felt good through most of the run.  I got to 11:30 miles before I just couldn't run anymore.  I had slowed down considerably in the last few miles, and even took some walk breaks.  My feet were freakin' killing me!  New pads in my shoes, too.  I have to find other pads for my shoes that  have a bit more cushion for the balls of my feet.  And of course, my right foot hurt more than the left.  I don't get it.  But I made myself feel better about my run by realizing that on my 1/2 marathon, if I do have to stop and walk, or take extra water breaks (right now I plan on 1 every 4 miles), that I can still hopefully be very very close to making my time of 2:20.  By the grace of God, I will have wings on my feet and be so preoccupied looking at the scenery that I will run faster.

No poop issues!  Woohoo!  

So to treat myself for getting out there, swallowing my fear of failure, and making almost 12 miles, I took myself out to lunch at the Londoner, a British pub that serves some good food.  I have been thinking about their fish tacos for weeks!  I am not a fish eater, mind you--hardly any fish at all.  I like my cows.  But, they have great fish tacos--deep fried battered cod on a soft shell with corn, tomatoes, and a slaw that has the most incredible sauce--sweet and spicy.  Two of these tacos are usually too much for me to eat.  I also treated myself to a cold pint of Strongbow cider.  Yum.  But I couldn't finish the tacos or the cider.  Shame on me for not finishing that cider--a crime.  And I spent the whole time reading from my Nook, so I had a very lovely lunch all by myself, in a noisy pub where I didn't pay attention to anyone or anything while I mowed down my lunch and read a book.  Bliss.  

I'm extremely sore in my legs--those muscles have some rebuilding to do!  But the rest of me feels fine.  I feel that I will be ready to go in a month, and have one more long run--I'm attempting 15 miles in a few weeks.  Til then, I will continue to run hills and do some speed work.  I know  those have been a huge help in maintaining a faster run and cruising up hills without a thought.  Now to just get some comfy pads for my shoes!  And I also found another place on my body that needs my anti-chafing stick.  Delicate lady parts got rubbed raw and made it very painful to sit in the tub!  Lesson learned.