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Friday, September 30, 2011

That Nagging Voice That Won't Shut Up

I've decided that I don't need any one else on this planet to tell me what I should do ever again.  I have that annoying, irritating, high-pitched voice in my head telling me instead.  Yep.  My brain just won't shut the hell up.  
Zip it, Lady!

NaNoRiMo is coming up in November, and I have been having the battle to end all battles in my head over whether I should attempt it again this year.  My issue is this:  It starts November 1st; I am running my half-marathon on November 5th, and probably won't be able to even make a stab at it until at least the second week of November.  This means being waaaaay behind from the start.  And of course I have no clue what I would write about.  I won't have a clue until I get back from Savannah, which I am sure will leave me overwhelmed with sights, sounds, and memories that I could use for a story, and do  plan on using for a story--someday.  

This is the same voice that is asking why the heck I haven't done the dishes either.  Or mowed the yard.  Or cut down the garden.  Or put away my porch furniture.  Or basically done anything to ready my home for the cold weather.  
She's a real hard-ass.  Sticking my fingers in my ears and singing "La La La" has not silenced that voice.

So I have this weekend off.  Lovely weather, two whole days off in a row!  What shall I do?  Can I manage to pull off all those tasks in 2.5 hours on Saturday morning, leaving the rest of the day to visit an apple orchard and putz around town with my nephew, Cole?  Dare I hope to make banana bread and catch up on all the TV shows I have missed in the past two weeks?  Take a nap?  Run?

Yep.  This is my plan.  I will be come Jamie Sommers, and whirl around my house and yard, occasionally lifting cars and catching criminals in between chores. 

I always thought she was a sharp dresser!


  1. I'd pay a lot right about now to have the same powers that the bionic woman had....Don't listen to the voice, it just wants you to get confused...

  2. Damn that witchy (with a b) inner voice! Who does she think she is? ;~)

    Of course, I have complete faith in your ability to accomplish all of the things on your to-do list, (with or without the bionics) but lately I'm finding out that there's something to that saying about life being more about the journey than about the destination. My goal these days is to do what I CAN and try reeaallly hard not to sweat the small stuff.

    Just know that either way, you'll find me right there in the front row of your cheering section! Hang in there, girl!

    Mrs B

  3. Banana bread-yum!
    I bought a bag full of bananas for 99 cents so I think I am going to be baking some of that.
    I never get everything done that I plan to do.
    I just want to be Samantha Stevens. Just wriggle my nose and it's all done.


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