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Friday, September 23, 2011

Spur of the Moment Long Run

I got my work schedule messed up yesterday, and found out when I went to work at 8 AM that I didn't have to be there until noon.  I quickly drove home and decided to try and squeeze in my long run (12 miles) before I went back to work.  I have been very antsy the past few days thinking about this run, and had planned on doing it Saturday morning.  Oh, the books were calling.  I  wanted to just plop down on that couch and read for a few hours!  But annoying nagging Sue made me run instead.

Not having a run in mind when I got up yesterday morning, I proceeded to eat a bowl of Wheaties with milk and drink a couple cups of coffee.  With my track record on gut issues during long runs, I was a bit worried that I would have problems.  Popping a faux-Imodium so soon before my run was the only option.  Since I had already eaten, I didn't plan on snacking during my run, either.

To play it safe, and be near a bathroom, I ran in the park near my sister's house.  The only problem with this is that it is a circular 1 mile route.  When you do that 10-12 times it gets a bit boring.  I decided to just run as long as I could and went into it planning on hitting my 12.

Well, I ran 10 miles.  I didn't walk.  I consider that another good thing.  That's twice now I have run 10 miles with no walk breaks and only one water break.  It was cool, slightly windy, and cloudy yesterday, so after breaking out into a sweat the first 5 miles, my body adjusted and while I was plenty warm, I wasn't pooped out from it.  I did have to run over to Walgreen's and use the bathroom after about an hour.  The faux-Imodium just didn't kick in soon enough.  I so wanted to hit that 12 miles, but time and lack of preparation weren't on my side.  I ran slower than I did two weeks ago, and am definitely more sore than I was then.  

I called Bud to tell him, and he was full of wisdom, as always.  He told me not to be upset that I didn't hit 12, that running 10 was great, considering it was not a planned run, and I had eaten cereal and milk an hour before.  And my supper of chips, salsa, and cheese quesadillas the night before probably didn't do much to help me be fueled for the morning. As Bud said, knowing I can run 10 miles with all those factors is a good thing, and shows I can do it.  

So, long run done for this week.  I plan on finally hitting that 12 miles next weekend!  And keep on working on speed.  Just 6 weeks to go and two long runs left:  a 12 miler, and a 15 miler.  And new pads for my shoes.  


  1. 10 miles. You. Are. A. Wizard.

    I couldn't do that, no way, no how. If I tried, I'd be like the horse in Animal House.

  2. Frisky, you could if you worked at it! And let me tell you--I'm not gliding through the miles, either. I feel like I've been hit by a bus!

  3. Bud is totally right, this run should do a lot more for you mentally, cause you know you can run that long even when not everything works perfectly. Good job!

  4. Woohoo! Turtle & I will start making a cape for you so you can run as SuperSue the Superhero. Naturally, Turtle will have a matching superhero cape & will be your trusty sidekick :D


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