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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

So Annoying!

Stupid guts.  Hate them.  Gotta get the intestinal situation back on track!  But good news--I got a sweet little belt to use for my half.  It has a nice expandable pouch that will hold my cell phone, a snack, and TP for my race, but isn't big and bulky so I won't look like I'm carrying a backpack around my middle.

Gonna shoot for a 12 miler (that I didn't do last week) this week either Thursday or Friday before I go to work.  I anticipate that I will be gingerly moving around at work either one of those nights--pretty sure the feet will be aching.   I could wait for the weekend, but I'd rather be done with it so I can spend the weekend working in the yard.  Can I say I have completely disregarded my yard in the past few weeks?  Yep.  Ignore.  Not even a peep when I walk out the back door and drive away.  One more good mow, then getting out the clippers and cutting everything down.  Putting away the patio  furniture.  Maybe climbing up the ladder and trying to get the gutters in shape.  Getting that f****ng bird's nest out of the gutter that has been there all spring and summer.  Of course it's in the worst, most dangerous part of the gutter.  The part that hangs near my front stairs, on an incline, with no where to safely put a ladder.  Requires two people to get it done.  Any takers?  :)

Another exciting week for me!  I may even finally get to watch the last three episodes of True Blood.  and read a few more books.  I have done it again, and started 4-5 books, so now I'm in the midst of mayhem trying to move ahead on those.


  1. I love having a water belt or something for my stuff when I'm running...this is key for long runs. RAces, not so much. And Um, I'm known for starting multiple books at the same time. It is pathetic! Hope your guts get back on track!

  2. Kiddo has some kind of gut thing going on to. Hope you feel better and good luck on the run.


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