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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

One Happy Camper: 10 Miler Done!

I so dreaded going out today.  I have to do a 10 mile run this week, and I haven't run 10 miles in so long (seriously--at least a year) that I just wanted to cry.  I thought about putting it off until Friday, but then I would have all week to think about it, and dread it even more--until it was this huge monster sitting on my back:

Monster ridin' my ass!

So I got up this morning, and after dithering around, I finally got my gear together and drove out to a new place to run.  It's another trail in town, and this one winds down by the Cedar River, the town dump (thankfully hidden), and out into the country.  I haven't been on this trail since before the flood of 2008, and it has definitely been worked on--what a fantastic trail!  It's just beautiful; all black top, and winding around wildflowers, trees, and beautiful bridges overlooking the countryside.  There was a lot to look at, and the weather was perfect:  cool, sunny, and no major wind.
I began my run.  I had a water bottle with a very weak orange juice/water mixture in it, and part of an energy bar, along with my trusty iPod.  I was pretty much alone out on the trail, and it was very peaceful.  I felt pretty good, and here's my times by each mile:
Avg Pace

Yep.  I ran the whole damn thing.  Even got a little faster on the way back.  I briefly stopped at mile 5 to grab a sip and chew a piece of my energy bar, and then started running again.  NO WALK BREAKS.  Yeah--hold your shit together--I ran the entire way.  I wanted to be able to call Bud and tell him I didn't walk.  I was pretty good until about mile 8, and I started feeling sore and tired.  My feel hurt like hell, but otherwise I am so pleased and happy.  It gave me a huge boost to know I can run that far.  Now, less than 2 months to go to the half-marathon in Savannah.  Speed workouts will continue and hills, too.  And my longest run will be 15 miles, so I know running 13.1 can be done!
Now off to eat something.  I am sooooo hungry.  And no gut issues to report--thank you, faux-Imodium.  You are my new best friend.


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