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Monday, September 12, 2011

Nesting Has Kicked In

This happens to me every Fall:  the desire to hunker down, bake, wear warmer clothing, and read until my eyeballs fall out.  Ok, I know you're probably thinking:  "Doesn't she already read til her eyeballs fall out?"  Yes, but I do other stuff.  In the Fall, I just want to read 24/7.  And smell wood smoke, eat pumpkin bread, and feed Bud until he bursts.  Thankfully, he won't let me make that much food for him, and he has some control.  If I could eat chili, lasagna, potato soup, and apple cake all in one day, I would try.  But then I would weigh 500 pounds and feel a little sick.  

I kinda got this feeling a few weeks ago, when we finally got some cooler weather and I could run without passing out.  After this weekend with Bud--an impromptu weekend vacation; well, driving in a truck for 9 hours can give you time to think.  And think I did!  Oh, gosh--all the food I want to cook--applesauce, banana bread, pumpkin bread, green chile sauce, green chile stew, soups to freeze, and a zillion other tasty things I haven't eaten since last winter.  It's been probably 6 months since I last made lasagna.  I think it will be on the menu this weekend.  

And then there's all the books I love to read at this time of year:  namely, spooky stuff.  True ghost stories, thrillers, and just fun creepy stuff.  Oh yeah--Fall housework.  Forgot about that.  All the cleaning I didn't do this summer (thank you Mother Nature for the horrible heat!) that I really should do now:  wash the house, clean the windows, curtains, and the basement.  I have to make room for all the limoncello  and homemade Bailey's I'm going to make for Christmas gifts. Plus it's just a big pit that needs straightening and organization.  Once again going through clothes, seeing what I need for the cooler months, and sending old clothes to a donation spot.  Cutting down everything in the gardens.  Sighing over what didn't grow, and how I didn't put the work in to make them sing this year.

Oh--can't forget about that trip in November with my sisters.  Gotta get together with them, and plan some things out.  Gotta keep training for another 7 weeks!  That's at least 3 more looooong runs-- a 12, a 13, and a 15.  Saving saving saving so I can eat my way through Savannah (except for Friday night--gotta be smart and eat well before the run on Saturday).  I can't wait to try some Southern food.  And there may be some Christmas purchasing while I'm there, too.  

Tomorrow is my day off.  What will I do?  Run early in the morning, laundry, hair cut and color, maybe just maybe make green chile sauce, and take Cole to a Lego event at the bookstore in the evening.  If the timing is right, maybe we'll be able to whip out some banana bread before the event, so Cole can take some home and I can mow down on my own loaf.  Hopefully see Bud and get a chance to hug my sweetie.  

And you didn't really think I would let a day go by without reading, did you?  


  1. It's funny - I go through the same kind of phase every fall. Like suddenly I have boundless energy again!

  2. Oh, pumpkin bread. I love that stuff. Maybe I'll take some pumpkin out of the freezer and bake some.

  3. Same here! When this time of year rolls around, I always want to curl up, watch football/NASCAR, and just chill.

    Ooh, I want a pumpkin to paint!

  4. I will crash and burn when the time falls back. It always takes me about a month before my body adjusts. Until then, I find myself falling asleep very early and not being able to wake up in the morning.

  5. I've been craving apple crisp -our favorite fall dessert!


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