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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Vacation Week Waste

Too much time on my hands leads to me not doing anything.
This is not good, as I have a list that extends to two pages filled with 
numbers, subcategories, and items to be accomplished each day.
So far, nothing has been accomplished.

I do have a 9 mile run planned for Thursday.  It has started to consume
most of my waking moments.  What time to start?  What to take to drink?
Where to run?  What kind of music to listen to? 

I still have to work on my front porch.  
Clean out those kitchen cupboards.
Mow the yard.
Cut down the flowers that are done for the season.


This is why I am not a motivational coach.  This is why I have pretty pictures of flowers and a sunset on my blog.

My other self says, "Get your sorry Ass into gear!"  

Tune in to see if I do.


  1. I swear whenever I have more time I get more lazy. What's with that? :)

  2. I got tired just reading all the stuff you have on your list. A 9 mile run sounds so exhausting, how long does it take you? Btw, cool pics, they really make it look like you worked so hard at the post...Besides, we're supposed to be lazy when we have the time to do it..:)

  3. Well, I definitely get more done when I have less time to do it. Procrastination takes over when I have too much time. Already have to postpone the 9 mile run til probably Saturday, due to an unexpected event that has put all my plans into limbo. Dammit.

  4. Vacations are for resting Sue!!! Take that list and torch it! and then open a bottle of wine!!! :)

  5. I am going to have some wine tonight for the first time in ages! But, staying at home on vacation means getting a few things done that otherwise will never get done.

  6. and I've read two books, too. Should get two more done before going back to work on Sunday.


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