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Saturday, August 27, 2011

9 Miler Becomes an 8 Miler

The faux-Imodium worked.  I took one pill about an hour before my "run", and no ill effects during the run.  It has been so long since I have run any kind of distance I think my body went into shock.  This shock did not make me run fast or with any grace.  There was no gazelle around today.
me on the trail 

not me on the running trail
I did a few things wrong.  One--I took only water with me; no snack to eat.  I have to find something I can take in nibbles. I am not going to go back to the Gu's of the world.  They just don't seem to help.  I think actually chewing on something will help me out.  Two:  I did ok with my water intake.  I kept hearing Jeff Galloway saying you only need about 2 oz of water every mile or so.  That keeps me from guzzling and going through bottles of water I don't need.  That may help also with the gut issues.  I have not found a drink that sits well with me. Too many Gatorade experiences make the thought of drinking that a stomach churner.  So I think I will try to make my own sports drink.  They look pretty simple, and don't have too many ingredients.  Orange juice, sugar, salt, lemon juice, and water.  Sounds good to me!

I was supposed to run 9 miles.  I made it to 8.3 miles.  It wasn't a good run.  My legs felt like lead.  I tried running a different part of the trail, to give me something new to look at.  It didn't really help!  There was no energy in this body.  I ended up walking more than I wanted to coming back. I was disgustingly sweaty and was a bit worried that the weird trickle running down my leg was something leaking from my ass, but realized it was the sweat from my hair dripping down and hitting my leg.  Phew.  I forgot my Bondi Band, and I did regret it!  The sweat hit my contacts and burned the hell out of my eyes.  Next time I will wear it.

 Since it took me so long to run, I had plenty of time to think.  All I want to do is run my half marathon in November feeling happy and strong.  I don't want to kill myself running hard, or trying to beat anyone else.  I wanted to make it in two hours, but I just don't think that will happen.  So I'm adjusting my time to 2:20. I am glad I've decided to make this my last long race.  I want to run when I feel like it, however long I feel like it.  So after November's race, that's what I plan to do.  Having college students run past me going out on the trail, then coming back and passing me made me realize I just don't have the energy to push myself all the time just so I can run faster.  I did get some good looks at some handsome young men running in their little shorts, though!  It makes me wonder what my running would be like now if I had started in my 20's instead.  Would I even be running?  Would I have crashed and burned or injured myself horribly?  Or would I run like the wind.  Who knows.  

I am very happy to have my foam roller.  My hips get so tight on my runs that the roller is my only relief.  Oh, it hurts so good.  Now Bud just has to give me a neck massage, and I should feel better.  I am getting out my physical therapy exercises again for my hips so I can work on keeping them strong.  I think that will help make my runs less "tense".  

So how is your exercise routine going?  With the coming change in seasons, do you do something different for the Fall?  I am still determined to try a  spin class; I'm just too chicken to do it.  At this minute.  Just for now.  Maybe I'll grow some balls soon and try it with a who the heck cares if I pass out in class attitude!


  1. I think you are doing great. I was never much of a runner and I couldn't even run a mile without falling down gasping for air.

  2. Holy lord woman, are you ever hard on yourself... 8.3 miles and you think that isn't good! I'd be happy at this point if I could run 1 mile! Sue you are my hero and an inspiration and the Queen of Perseverance!

  3. I agree with Tracy, you're too hard on yourself, you're doing great. 8.3 is pretty much up there with 9. I've run all my life and I can tell you I'm not as fast as I used to be, all the miles on my joints are beginning to show, and I get quite sore after a long run. Ah to be young again....Is till drink just water, but the 2 oz. thing sounds pretty good. I'm sure you'll have n problems with the half-marathon.

  4. Ruth, Tracy, and Alex: You are all very sweet! I am still a bit disappointed in my mileage. I just haven't built up my endurance yet and that is something I am not used to being short on this far into the summer. I think running 5 miles the day before may have pooped me out a bit more, too.

    I'll keep trucking along!

  5. I'm with these guys -lighten up on yourself! I only got as far as buying actual running shoes and the 1st session of the C25K program. Just remember, the tortoise beat the hare in their race :-D

  6. I completely understand that feeling of not meeting your distance goal - but everyone commenting is right. You got out there, you did 8.3, you got to look at some tight young male butts :) sounds like a great run to me!
    Have you tried Honey Stinger Waffles? Super yummy and easy on the tummy. (Ooo, a rhyme!) As a fellow tender-tummy runner, I love them. They have organic chews too, that seem a little easier on the GI tract. I'm also going to try Nunn tablets in my water (electrolytes) because I can't handle the gatorade-type beverages.
    Good luck!

  7. Good Grief, you are an inspiration!!!

    I know nothing about which snacks would be appropriate, but what about something like Cheerios? (I would say Captain Crunch, but I'm pretty sure that wouldn't be on the Good Food for Exercising List).

    My exercising: Well, I'm taking off a while. I'll start it up again after Labor Day. And I'm drinking soda. Very bad, I know. :/


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