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Saturday, August 27, 2011

9 Miler Becomes an 8 Miler

The faux-Imodium worked.  I took one pill about an hour before my "run", and no ill effects during the run.  It has been so long since I have run any kind of distance I think my body went into shock.  This shock did not make me run fast or with any grace.  There was no gazelle around today.
me on the trail 

not me on the running trail
I did a few things wrong.  One--I took only water with me; no snack to eat.  I have to find something I can take in nibbles. I am not going to go back to the Gu's of the world.  They just don't seem to help.  I think actually chewing on something will help me out.  Two:  I did ok with my water intake.  I kept hearing Jeff Galloway saying you only need about 2 oz of water every mile or so.  That keeps me from guzzling and going through bottles of water I don't need.  That may help also with the gut issues.  I have not found a drink that sits well with me. Too many Gatorade experiences make the thought of drinking that a stomach churner.  So I think I will try to make my own sports drink.  They look pretty simple, and don't have too many ingredients.  Orange juice, sugar, salt, lemon juice, and water.  Sounds good to me!

I was supposed to run 9 miles.  I made it to 8.3 miles.  It wasn't a good run.  My legs felt like lead.  I tried running a different part of the trail, to give me something new to look at.  It didn't really help!  There was no energy in this body.  I ended up walking more than I wanted to coming back. I was disgustingly sweaty and was a bit worried that the weird trickle running down my leg was something leaking from my ass, but realized it was the sweat from my hair dripping down and hitting my leg.  Phew.  I forgot my Bondi Band, and I did regret it!  The sweat hit my contacts and burned the hell out of my eyes.  Next time I will wear it.

 Since it took me so long to run, I had plenty of time to think.  All I want to do is run my half marathon in November feeling happy and strong.  I don't want to kill myself running hard, or trying to beat anyone else.  I wanted to make it in two hours, but I just don't think that will happen.  So I'm adjusting my time to 2:20. I am glad I've decided to make this my last long race.  I want to run when I feel like it, however long I feel like it.  So after November's race, that's what I plan to do.  Having college students run past me going out on the trail, then coming back and passing me made me realize I just don't have the energy to push myself all the time just so I can run faster.  I did get some good looks at some handsome young men running in their little shorts, though!  It makes me wonder what my running would be like now if I had started in my 20's instead.  Would I even be running?  Would I have crashed and burned or injured myself horribly?  Or would I run like the wind.  Who knows.  

I am very happy to have my foam roller.  My hips get so tight on my runs that the roller is my only relief.  Oh, it hurts so good.  Now Bud just has to give me a neck massage, and I should feel better.  I am getting out my physical therapy exercises again for my hips so I can work on keeping them strong.  I think that will help make my runs less "tense".  

So how is your exercise routine going?  With the coming change in seasons, do you do something different for the Fall?  I am still determined to try a  spin class; I'm just too chicken to do it.  At this minute.  Just for now.  Maybe I'll grow some balls soon and try it with a who the heck cares if I pass out in class attitude!

Friday, August 26, 2011

This Faux-Imodium Had Better Work

These tootsies gotta run
I was supposed to do a long run of 9 miles on Thursday, but life got in the way in the form of truck issues.  Mainly--a car decided to rear-end my beloved Fritz.  So I was truck-less until mid-morning yesterday when Bud delivered unto me his Momma Bear, which is the much younger souped up version of my Fritzy.  Both are Toyota Tacomas, but his is waaaay cooler than my 15 year old truck.  

I am not used to driving a truck with electric windows and locks.  I am used to actually rolling up my window and locking the door myself.  And I am sitting quite high.  I miss my Fritz.  Hopefully he will ride again; he's still got a lot of life left in him--and he's paid in full--most important of all.

So I ran today--5 miles.  Felt pretty good, although that pesky side cramp keeps happening.  I really think it's cause I'm not drinking enough water throughout the day, so I have got to step it up and start sucking down the liquids.  I have various aches and pains due to:  pulling weeds, painting my porch railing, and probably a bit of a jolt from a car trying to shove it's way up Fritz's behind.  I know he's attractive in his old age, but really?  Couldn't you have just beeped your horn?

Tomorrow is the big day:  9 mile run.  I purchased a faux-Imodium today in preparation of my notorious gut issues whenever I run farther than 6-7 miles.  I must admit, I don't buy anti-diarrheal meds very often--maybe once every 10 years, but I found it odd that at two drug stores in town, the Imodium areas were completely empty.  Zippo.  Gone.  None to be had but the store brand.  What the heck?  Is someone using Imodium to make crack? (he he--crack)  Is everyone suffering from the shits in this town?  What is going on?  I am puzzled.  This will consume my thought process all day, and I will have to discuss this with Bud tonight.  Probably while we eat supper.  That's how I roll.  

Anywho, I have two days of vacation left.  Today I am going to clean the caked on sweat off of my body, finish a few books, and have a late lunch with C-Joy.  Bud will be over tonight and actually stay to eat supper and get caught up on True Blood.  He has already told me he will probably fall asleep on me.  That's ok.  It's been one of those weeks, and we both deserve to conk out for a bit.  So grilled steak, fruit salad, and possibly either grilled corn on the cob or bruschetta.  Either one will do.  This will be my  one "I decided it would be a lazy ass day".
More on tomorrow's efforts umm...tomorrow.  

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Vacation Week Waste

Too much time on my hands leads to me not doing anything.
This is not good, as I have a list that extends to two pages filled with 
numbers, subcategories, and items to be accomplished each day.
So far, nothing has been accomplished.

I do have a 9 mile run planned for Thursday.  It has started to consume
most of my waking moments.  What time to start?  What to take to drink?
Where to run?  What kind of music to listen to? 

I still have to work on my front porch.  
Clean out those kitchen cupboards.
Mow the yard.
Cut down the flowers that are done for the season.


This is why I am not a motivational coach.  This is why I have pretty pictures of flowers and a sunset on my blog.

My other self says, "Get your sorry Ass into gear!"  

Tune in to see if I do.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

First Official "Really Tried Hard" Run This Summer

I am a bit behind on my training; I was supposed to run 7.5 miles for a long run this week.  Instead of beating myself up, I decided to hit 6 miles which is something I haven't accomplished yet this year.  I thought the leap from 4 to 6 was enough for one week.

I returned to my old stomping ground the Cedar Valley Nature Trail, which is an old railroad line that's been converted into a 50+ mile paved/gravel trail from Hiawatha to Waterloo.  The local cities are working to connect it to the trails that run through Cedar Rapids, and eventually hope to connect them all the way down to Lake McBride.  I like to go to Hiawatha and park there, where the "official" mile marker 1 starts.  I ran this trail on my training runs for the marathon I ran in 2008, and I remember my last run all those years ago, yelling out "F**k you, mile _!  I won't see you again!"  after every mile I passed.  I certainly hated that trail when all was said and done.  Too many miles of frustration, gut cramps, and guzzling water (which I have since learned was waaaay too much drinking on the run).  I distinctly remember finishing my last long run and sitting on the bench with my sister and bawling my eyes out in sheer frustration and mind bending exhaustion.  The only bonus to that run was watching my sister ride my bike into the weeds as she tried to light a cigarette and steer at the same time.  

So I was back today, and talked to myself the whole way there, telling myself it was going to be a good run--I was going to run slowly, not look at my Garmin, and just take in the day.  It was cool and cloudy, and so different from the past month of running it's like another planet!  And I didn't take any water with me.  

Off I went, listening to New Age music to keep myself from feeling like I had to try and run faster.  I followed a woman for quite awhile, and dammit it felt good to finally pass her just before the 2 mile marker.  I kept going, and she must have turned around since I didn't see her again.  It rained a bit, and it felt good.  I got to mile three, and turned around and took a walk break.  I slowed down on my way back, which was disappointing, but I still managed to speed up a bit on the last mile.  Quite frankly, I am pooped.  I came home and rolled my legs around a bit on my foam roller.  They hurt and were wobbly.  My chest is a bit achy (mostly from pushing around fixtures at the store--I think I pulled a muscle Thursday) but mostly I am just so happy I made it through that run, and I could appreciate the trail.  It was nice to run somewhere different.  I expect I will be out there more and more, as my runs get longer.  It's a safe place to run--the only thing I don't like is that there are no water fountains to be had along the trail.  You either go without, or bring it along on the run.  And pooping?  Well, bring your own TP, and either make loops to keep close to the trail beginning, where there is a bathroom, or run to mile 7, where there is a port-a-potty that I've made friends with before. I will be taking Imodium and plan on not having to worry about gut issues.  

So yay for me.  I am happy.  End of scene.  Until next week, when I have to do 800's on one day.  I am frightened about that and have to find a track with no one around so I am the only witness to my stellar performance!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Hey and Howdy!

Just woke up from a 2 hour nap.  This is what happens when you get 5 hours of sleep and have to be at work at 5 AM.  The moves around my store are ticking along; today was not a good day.  Progress was slow and stymied by surprises as we attempted to move book shelves.  The air doesn't kick on in the store until around 7:30 AM or so, leaving me and my coworkers bathed in sweat within the first 15 minutes of starting work!  I think I am permanently dehydrated.  Is it bad when you don't pee for 8 hours, and you've chugged bottles of water, an iced mocha (extra shot, skim milk, no whip), and coffee?

I have to say this early morning shift has really taken it out of me, and I realize I am OLD.  I am running, but very slowly and very poorly--thank you Mr. Humidity--you suck!  The weatherman had better stick to his promise of temps in the 70's for the rest of the week, or I may lose a nut in my brain and start rocking in the corner.  I have great ambition to come home from work  at 1:30 and go out running, but I am either A) not leaving work at 1:30, B) barely coherent and fall asleep on the couch when I get home, or C) It's too damn hot out--I swear a little bit more of me melts in between the truck and air conditioning.  I long for Fall.  I will not complain about cooler temps--trust me.  I am the Queen of Wrapping Myself in Blankets.

A few more things.   My garden is kinda sucky right now.  I spent some time yesterday starting to cut down some dead plants, but I have much more to do.  The Zinnia seeds I planted weeks ago are growing tall; I can finally tell them from weeds, and are leaving them alone to bloom.  I can't wait to take pictures :)

I have been eating some good food!  For some reason, I have been craving this bad boy:

Photo from here

I had two in as many days, along with fries.  I think I will now head out and grab another one for dinner tonight.  Hard work=muscle building=greasy protein from a moo cow.  Yep.  Nothing ladylike about shoveling that baby into my mouth.  I am drooling just looking at the picture.  Don't worry, I have been eating some fresh fruit and grilled veggies, too.  They just don't cut the mustard sometimes, and only a burger will do.  If anything, it puts me into a food coma that knocks me out and keeps me asleep for a few hours at night.  I have learned to hate the DJ  who is so damn chipper at 3:30 in the morning.  How do they do it?  Red Bull?  B12 shots?  What?!  

Lest you think Bud is not on the scene, he is.  He's just busy as hell, too.  I made the mistake of telling him we needed to do X so many times each week, and so far, we haven't managed to make my goal.  I think I cursed us.  Let's just say it's not because we don't want to, it's cause we just can't manage to see each other more than once or twice a week.  Praying to the X God that will change soon.  Like I told Bud--we're getting older, we've got to keep doing it while the doing is good.  great!  I am just happy when I can lay next to him and smell his shirt.  Dang it.  He always smells good, and I always smell like food/coffee/new books/sweat from running.

TaTa for now--I'll be back again sometime soon. Now off to burger land...