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Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Quick Stop

I am still here!  Just super busy.  Tomorrow begins my two weeks of 5 AM work days.  I really don't know how I'm going to be functioning so early, but the alternative of late nights is even worse for me.  I get stupid klutzy late at night and cannot function.  So early mornings it is!  

As for most of us, the muggy ugly weather continues.  I officially started my half-marathon training last week; I'm still plugging along, trying to just get out there and run in the heat.   I figure by the time it cools down, my body will be so happy that I will just fly through the miles and rack up some impressive runs.  At least that's what I keep telling myself...

Still reading, and almost to 80 books!  I talk to people a lot about reading, and so many people are on board with the 100 book challenge.  I am really pleased about that.  The only thing I miss so far is being able to sit on my front porch with a cool drink and read for a few hours.  It's just not comfortable to sit outside right now, but I am optimistic Mother Nature will stopped being pissed off at Mother Earth and simmer down a bit sometime soon.  Bud thinks we'll have a long Fall, but I have a feeling we will be cut short and go straight from Summer into Winter.  Let's hope I'm wrong!

So how has your summer gone so far?  The kids here start school in 3 weeks--it seems like they just finished.  I am hoping to take a week's vacation at the end of this month--it was planned for next week, but the work project bumped it back.  I am so ready for a whole week off--still haven't finished my 'To Do List' from a few months ago.  

I am leaving you with a mouth-watering recipe for S'mores Bars.  My mom made these years and years ago, and I found the recipe online again.  They are so rich you kinda feel sick, but it's a good sick feeling.  I'm making them for a book group I have this afternoon.  Nothing like eating dessert before supper.  

Keep running, swimming, walking, reading, and eating good stuff.  I'll be back sometime soon.


  1. Oooh, yummy, melty chocolate.
    I hope Bud is right. Honeyman thinks it will end up being a brutal winter after this hot summer.

  2. I agree with Bud. I think we're going to have summer until November.
    Oh, and thanks for that S'mores bar recipe ~she added sarcastically~ ...kidding! I'm always on the hunt for my next treat!

  3. I thought I was missing some of my blogging buddies...too much work and no play is not good for the soul or the Hope you get done before scheduled with all the work stuff. We finally had our first tropical system, with thunderstorms, lightning, lots of rain and humidity, not crazy about this weather. Give me the hot, hot dry heat any day. I'm with Bud, I'm pulling for a long warm fall and very short winter, hey you never know...

  4. 5 a.m. work days!!! You are an inspiration with everything you do!


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