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Monday, May 9, 2011

What's New?

It was a very busy weekend, and I am pooped.  Of course, I have a huge list of to-do's over Tuesday and Wednesday but while I am raring to go today, tomorrow may be another story.  It's supposed to be close to 90 degrees tomorrow.  Today, it was supposed to be in the low 80's, but a really freaky weather system is making it cooler with random storms and occasional hail moving through the area.  It is so gloomy outside, and now wet, that my plans to mow the yard before work  are shot for today.  Add that to the list tomorrow!

We had running expert Jeff Galloway at our store Friday night for a discussion and book signing.  I was super excited to meet him, and I asked Bud to go along with me to hear what he had to say.  If you don't know who Jeff is, he is a former Olympian who writes for Runner's World and travels around the country running marathons and conducting schools for his run/walk/run method.  He's taught tens of thousands of people this method, and has proven that it works.  I believe in it, but it took Bud sitting and listening to the whys from Jeff to convince him that trying to run a race fast and furious, with no stopping to walk,  can actually be detrimental to your running health.  I admit it is hard to wrap my brain around the idea of taking scheduled walk breaks, but if making a complete mind shift will keep me healthy and able to finish races feeling good and uninjured, with rapid recovery time that doesn't require ice baths and all sorts of medication, well, I am on board for trying it.  I know the results of not listening to my body, and I really would like to finish a race and not limp home to a day or a week of recovery.  

On Saturday, I attended a seminar Jeff put on about running until you're 100.  He gave us some very good information about food intake--super important for my intestinal issues when I have a long run of 10 miles or more.  I am going to follow his half-marathon plan, and using his 3 day running plan, make sure I am doing my speed and cadence drills each week.  I am inspired and excited to try this.  It feels like a door that was previously locked has been flung open, and all I have to do is step through to a world where running is not only enjoyable, but injury and gut issue free.  I'd like to be like Jeff, who's in his 60's, and runs a full marathon every month.  Yes, one a month--that's 12 a year.  And he doesn't run them slow: his best time was 2:16:35!  He says people are always surprised at his marathon times because he takes walk breaks.   I can't wait to run my half in November, and put his method to the test.  Until then, I will use the information I learned Friday and Saturday to improve my running and get my mind in a place of positive thinking.  And for those naysayers who think taking a walk break during running makes you weak somehow, well, worry about how you run your race, and I'll worry about how I run mine.  We both get to the same place and cover the same miles.  Having the energy and the refreshed legs to run faster during my running times will improve my overall time.  That's what walk breaks do.  

So what's on tap this week?  With the weather finally cooperating, I'll be planting my herbs and tomatoes in pots, planting summer bulbs and seeds, and moving the summer clothes into drawers and tossing out a lot of the winter stuff.  I feel the need to detrash and pare down not only clothes but just a bunch of junk around the house.  This may require a small dumpster!

Also, visit my other blog Bookalicious Babe to enter my gift card giveaway to celebrate reaching book #50 in my 100 Book Challenge.  I'll be picking a winner next Monday, May 16th so you have a week to enter.  


  1. I was always taught that running than walking and back to running was hard on the muscles. Nice to know it actually isn't.
    Yay for tomatoes and herbs!

  2. Okay, so now you have to go into a little detail about this running strategies. I haven't run a 10k in years because of my knees, but if I can still run without thrashing what's left of them, I might give it another try. How about a post about what you learned? Otherwise, I'd have to come all the way to Iowa...:)

  3. Alex! You're welcome here any time, my dear. I will do some running and figure out what the heck I am doing, and I will post a blog about what I am learning and how it's going. I am super excited to follow this plan. I have been lucky to not have any knee problems, and I want to keep my legs feeling good. If that means walk breaks, by golly, I will do them and feel good about it.


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