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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Random Things

The weather has taken a decided turn to summer for a few days.  Yesterday it hit 90 in Cedar Rapids, and today it will be in the mid 80's--all with high dew points.  That means my favorite thing (insert sarcasm)--humidity--will be visiting.  We'll also have big booming thunderstorms, which are even now gathering strength and forming out in Western Iowa and moving my way.  

It annoys me that I had to put my air conditioning on yesterday.  Considering it was 85 in my house, well, I should have turned it on sooner.  But it's now much cooler inside, and will stay on through today.  The temps are going to be moving down into the 60's and 70's after today, so it will be that magical place where there is no heat or air required in the house.  A few weeks of a cheaper gas bill!  

Yesterday was a fun, sweaty, hard working day.  I got up at 6 AM to go out and run, since I knew it was going to be very warm and humid.  It was also my nephew's 11th birthday, and I wanted to stop at his house before school and drop off his present.  He lives just around the corner from my favorite place to run.  After waking him up and wishing him a happy birthday, I went for my run.  I tried to do a 3:1 run/walk ratio for the first mile, and I did okay.  But I think the humidity was a bit of a shock, and I found myself feeling like I'd been beaten up after only one mile.  I slowed down to a 2:1 ratio for the next two miles.  This means 2 minutes of running, one minute of walking.  I can say I was a bit disappointed at my time.  I did not speed up when I was running.  Needless  to say, I was dripping sweat when I was done.  

After that, it was off to buy tomato plants and some herbs for my container garden.  I couldn't resist some flowers, either.  Back to the house, changed my shoes, and outside again.  I managed to get my herbs and tomatoes in their containers, but also managed to smear dirt all over my face, neck, and legs.  I mowed the yard, planted a few bulbs, and weeded.  By now, I was exhausted and my clothes were drenched.  I smelled icky, too.  

After cleaning myself up, a trip to the grocery store, and a long completely unconscious on the couch hour nap, I felt better.  Oh, my legs are sore!  Now today I need to finish planting flowers, do a bit of digging in the garden, and try to lay down some top soil to build up the areas of my garden that are a bit low.  

And running?  I'm gonna try and get that in, too.  I love to run just before a storm.  The atmosphere is exciting and I like to look at the changing sky, all the while hurrying before the storm breaks.  Here's a picture of me and Jeff Galloway from Friday night's book signing:

I have to sit down, read through his book, and map out my runs and what do to when.  And figure out when to start my half marathon training.  I think probably the end of June or the beginning of July.  In the meantime, I will use Jeff's speed and hill work to improve my time.  I know it will improve by just running more often each week.  The weather really does effect my runs.  If it's too hot or humid, I have no energy, and I get headaches.  I try and run early in the morning if I can, and avoid the afternoon.  But at the same time, I will try and run in the warmer weather sometimes so it's not a complete shock if I have to run a race in those conditions.  I am waiting for the day when I can complete a run and not feel completely wiped out afterwards.  Hopefully Jeff's program will get me there!

Bud and I finished watching Season 6 of Weeds last night.  I burst out laughing at the last episode.  Have you seen it?  Guillermo, who is a nasty killer, is at the airport with Nancy.  She asks him what the hell is he wearing on his feet?  The camera pans down, and he's got on Vibrams!  He says he is training for a half marathon and loves the shoes.  She continues to tell him he looks like an idiot in Vibrams throughout the rest of the show.  Even Mexican Ex-Con Assassins are into the minimalist running movement.  

I also got a visit from two young girls in the neighborhood.  On May 1st, I found a small basket with candy and a note on my front porch.  I saw the girls running away, and thought maybe they thought there's a child at my house.  But last night, as Bud and I watched TV, I saw someone out on my porch.  I think they were ringing my doorbell, which hasn't worked in 10 years.  They then knocked, and ran away.  When I opened the door, Easter candy and a little water globe sat on my porch.  Bud told me to peek around the corner of the house, and when I did, there were the two little girls.  So I talked to them, asked them their names, and asked them why they were leaving presents on my porch.  They said they did it because they were bored.  Hmm.  I said, are you sure you want to give these away?  And they said yes!  So we chatted for a bit, and then they left.  I guess I have two little friends.  It's kinda weird. I can only think that they came here on Halloween and for some reason have targeted me as a person to give candy to.  I must look like I need some sweets.

I'm off to plant some flowers.  The sun is shining, it's muggy, and I'm ready to sweat.  I'll post some pictures of the garden soon, after everything is in place and starting to grow.


  1. I can totally relate to that feeling. I've had a hard time the last couple of years with hot sticky weather. Humidity kicks my butt just walking in it. There's no way I could run in it!! I got a little dizzy just reading about your run! LOL

    I think it's sweet that those little neighbor girls have adopted you! I think they just know a really nice person when they see one! Besides, anyone who brings me candy automatically gets a gold star in my book. LOL

    Keep on fighting the good fight. Half (or more) of the battle is sticking to it, and you're doing just that. I'd have been a total weenie and given up a long time ago... Have a great rest of the week!

    ~Mrs B

  2. How sweet. You have some new little friends.
    I almost always have the AC on. Honeyman overheats and can't sleep and since sleeps during the day, it has to be cool like 72.

  3. I'm putting of the AC as long as I can stand it, but it won't be long. Like maybe tonight. Ugh.

  4. That story about the little girls leaving you prezzies is so cute! Some girls have all the luck! I could go for some Easter treats!
    I have got to get into Weeds. I'm sure I'd love it.

  5. And PS: Quit your bitching about the temperature! We are still wearing layers! Lots and lots of layers, it's so cold here still!

  6. First of all kudos to you Sue for running in the humidity... I like some heat but not that stinking sweaty stuff!

    Secondly, I love that the little girls left you pressies... holy freaking cow how cute is that! I use to make up flower baskets and leave them on my neighbours porches when I was around 8 years old... Of course the flowers were mainly weeds, such as dandelions but hey, I loved doing it!

  7. I bet they are just waiting for Turtle to pop out of your front door when they knock!

  8. I must say you're really into your garden uh? I wish I could have one, but in the desert not much grows besides sand and coyotes. I hate the humidity too, and thankfully I don't get much of it here, but when it's 110, dry heat or not it's still freaking hot....


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