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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Rain, Rain, Rain

After two days of inexplicably HOT weather, Mother Nature decided to screw with our heads once again and dropped the temps by 40 degrees and sent rain for most of Friday and all of Saturday.  I went from air conditioning to switching over to heat in the span of one day.  It is chilly and damp outside.  My pansies are singing with joy.  Something dug into my container of basil, so I had to replant one of them.  If I see what did it (are you listening, Mr. Squirrel?!) I will nail it to the front of my house.  Consider yourself warned.  Don't f**k with my basil!

I was talked into running the route of the Marion Arts Festival 5K on Thursday after work, and can I say I suck air?  I forgot to set my Garmin until we'd run almost a mile, so it wasn't as accurate as I would have liked. I had to take walk breaks.  My running partner, who runs about 4 minutes faster than I, was not even winded and probably could have gone another 10 miles.  Needless to say, I will be working on my running this week before the race next Saturday.  I probably should go and run today, but quite frankly, I'm tired, it's been a very long week, and the rain has reduced pretty much any trail I run on into a big muddy mess.  I will start again on Monday.  

So I'm taking a mental day today.  I will do the minimum to function like a human being.  Dishes--well yes, I have to do them.  They've been sitting in the sink for two days.  Laundry?  Maybe one load.  Laying on the couch, reading and watching TV?  A distinct possibility.  Catching up with my friend?  Heck yes.  Making a cozy dinner for two later on?  Of course.  I don't think of cooking as a chore.  I think this will be the last chance for a wintery supper before Spring/Summer settle in for the next few months.  

I have planned my half-marathon training.  According to my calculations, I start training in mid-July for my November race.  It is going to be very difficult for me to stick to a plan, but I'm just going to focus on one day at a time.  Jeff Galloway's plan calls for 3 days of running, with cross training on other days.  I may run an extra day, who knows?  Until then, I will do my own thing and bike, run, and try and get some weights in each week.  I will be writing in my running journal (which has been ignored this past month) and can't wait to see what progress I make over the coming months.  

Lots going on this month, both personally and at work.  My blogging may not be as frequent, and I may not get to read everyone's blogs, but I'm still checking!  It is an oasis in a world of crazies.  


  1. Same here in sunny southern Ca. Today is partly cloudy with a breeze of appear. 50 mph...and it's cold. It was raining a while ago. I'm so sick of this weather, I wanted to go for a bike ride today, but it doesn't look like a I will.
    Your marathon training sounds intense but fun, I'll look forward to reading your running journal. You gave me an idea, maybe I should have one too. I'm not training for anything specific, so I'm not sure it will be worth my time. Good luck with the predatory squirrel...

  2. You sound like Ryan with those squirrels. :)


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