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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ennui Day

Well, the weather people have promised tomorrow will be sunny and steamy with high humidity and 85 degree temps.

That is much different than today, which is full of crazy severe thunderstorms, high wind, and pounding rain.  When your honey calls to tell you the street lights are on at 8 AM in May, then you know it's gonna be a bit stormy for awhile.

I have the day off, and since running outside is out of the question (I can hear things blowing down the street!), that means I probably should go to the Y and ride the bike, do the elliptical, and probably some weights.  Since the gym doesn't open til noon, I still have an hour to goof off and keep up the mantra "you will go to the gym at noon." 

I have not been running much since last weekend--shame on me!  I ran a few short miles on Tuesday, and managed to bruise the top of my foot by not having the tongue on my shoe in the right spot.  Dammit, that hurt!  Life has just been a bit overwhelming this week, so between that and rain happening at bad times, my running has suffered.  You can bet I will be up early tomorrow to go run; I can't wait!  If the weather cooperates later today, I will try to get in a quick run.

I talked to Cole the other day, and he says he would run another 5k with me some day.  How quickly we forget the pain of that 3 mile run!  I looked into doing a duathalon with Bud in August.  He would ride the bike, I would run before and after the bike ride.  He said he would think about it, and then I found out the price:  $85.00  That is insane!  I would rather spend that on a hotel room and go away for the weekend.  So no duathalons for us in the future. 

 For those of you who run, don't you think races are getting a bit too expensive?  

Even if I did have every weekend off, I could not afford to run a race each weekend; it has become pick and choose time for me.  One a month (hopefully with increasing mileage each time)  til half marathon time in November.

I did get bulbs planted, seeds in the ground, and most of the patio furniture out.  Now if the weather will cooperate, I can paint the railing around my front porch, seal the front porch floor, and continue to wage my war against creeping charlie.  I have killed a lot of it, but I need to step up the operation and bring out the big guns.  I will be wearing my flame retardant suit, goggles, and kick ass boots to purge my yard of the evil that is creeping charlie.  I think a flame thrower would work.   I just may be able to grow some grass by the end of the summer.  I still need to work on the garden over at Bud's place.  We are scaling down this year, and only growing peppers, zucchini, squash, and a few other veggies.  Neither of us has the time to maintain a huge garden this year.  I feel like the summer is already getting away from me, and it hasn't even begun.

Everyone have a great week!  I promise a more interesting blog next time :)  And I have no idea what the heck happened to the font on this post.  Perhaps it's the weather?!


  1. Hey Sue! Weather has been crazy here too! I went outside to run the other day and as soon as I stepped outside It started to hail and pour rain. :( At least no tornadoes. RAces are way expensive!! woooo weee! And hope that bruise on your foot gets better. xo

  2. I haven't done a race in a very long time, but I'm sure the price have gone up. $ 85 seems a little ate though.
    Don't even get me started on the weather, it is so cold and windy here I haven't been out running in a century. That's it, I am officially moving somewhere

  3. Creeping Charlie - I love the way it smells but it certainly does take over the lawn. Good luck getting rid of it!
    Hope you were able to get out for your run - the weather has been challenging this spring, hasn't it? Hope your foot feels better soon!


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