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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Boost of Confidence and a Thumbs Up from Bud

I thought today was supposed to be sunny and in the upper 50's.  Instead, it is cloudy and when I went for my run this morning, it was in the low 40's.  Needless to say, I paused in my shorts, tank top, and light  jacket, thinking I was a bit careless running in cool weather without at least something a bit warmer on my legs.  But, I had already been to the gym and was warmed up and was too lazy to change. It's amazing how soft I've gotten in my 40's.  I used to run in this cool weather in shorts and a tank all the time.  What a weenie I've become!

It was a bit cold on the legs at first, but then they went blissfully numb quickly and soon enough, I didn't feel the cold air.  I had forgotten about that wonderful way the air just kinda flows around your legs instead of hitting it.  It sounds weird, but it's true--bless those legs for being tougher than I remembered! 

Anyway, I am stupidly happy with my small victory:  I ran 2 miles without any walk breaks and no painful side cramp or breathing issues.  The only thing that stopped me from 3 miles was my desperate desire to pee.  That's the bad thing about running in the cool weather--more potty breaks.  I was quite sure I wouldn't make it another mile with my bladder putting the squeeze on me, so I decided to call it a day after only two miles, but I was so happy with my accomplishment.  For once I didn't feel like I was carrying a bag of concrete on my chest, and my feet felt good (no numbness), my legs weren't tired, and I could breathe pretty well.  I sent Bud a picture of my Garmin with the time and pace, and he called me cause he couldn't read it (note to self:  learn to take better picts with the phone!). He was very happy with my no walk break, and said it didn't matter how long it took me to run.  I am trying very hard not to pressure myself into running faster. With an extra 20 pounds on my frame, I just cannot run 10 minute miles like I did when I first started running.  It just makes me feel bad and hate myself.  So, I was a good girl, and just concentrated on being happy with my accomplishment today.  

I am really enjoying my Garmin.  I can't get Dailymile to sync it, though.  It is very annoying.  I guess it doesn't sync all the Garmins just yet.  I like that it keeps me honest, and takes all the guess work out of time and distance.  And keeping a history of my runs lets me see how I can improve on any course I choose.  Like I said before, it's one of the best gifts I've ever gotten.  I will use it to death! And best of all, the wristband is designed to fit even the smallest wrist comfortably and without having to poke holes to make it fit better.

On another note, I got the course route for my half marathon in Savannah, GA  on November 5th.  I am so excited--it's through the historical district.  I imagine I will be so involved in looking at everything around me that it will keep my mind off of actually running.  After today, I am less stressed about running it, and more at peace with the knowledge that with a Summer and Fall of training (both running and weights) I will be prepared and run my best.  And with two of my sisters there to see me at the finish line, I expect this to be one of the happiest races I've ever done.  You can bet I will be eating a large lunch with a boozy drink after that!


  1. YAY! for no walk breaks! Weird that dm won't sync your garmin though. Wonder why?

    Savannah is somewhere I've always wanted to visit - and having family at the finish line is fantastic :)

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  3. Good job on your running. Two miles might not be great to you, but coming from someone that never could do any kind of long distance I think it is fantastic.
    I let Kiddo go out in her flip flops. I didn't realize it was so cool either.

  4. Good job on the no walk breaks. i think running outdoors is more fun than on a treadmill, I better head back outside.
    Hope the rest of the week will be warmer.

  5. Lord, you are an inspiration! I would have gone five steps, then called it a day. lol

  6. You guys! What will happen when I can run 13.1 miles? I think the world might just stop for a milisecond :)

    Anyway, thanks everyone for the words of confidence. They mean a lot and keep me moving.

  7. (Standing up, clapping) Brava, Sue! I am so thrilled for you. Not just because you didn't take any walk breaks, but because you're making the choice to embrace "not quite what I set out for" as "I did a good job!" I need a bit of tutoring in that department... Want an extra job? ;~) LOL

    Way to go, girlfriend!
    XOXO ~Mrs B


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