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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Me N' Bud on the Road--Almost Shits and Mostly Giggles

Shortly after my last post on Friday, I changed into my running clothes and drove to my favorite park to get in a run before meeting C-Joy for lunch.  

It was a bit chilly, but I kept going anyway, and I got the dreaded gut cramps every so often during my 3 mile run.  I finished, and walked up to my truck to stretch and figured I would drive to Bud's shop to see him and ahem--use his bathroom.

I didn't even stretch, cause the gut cramps suddenly became unbearable, and I broke out into an even bigger sweat and felt really sick to my stomach.  I got in my truck and lay in the passenger seat with a towel to my face, thinking " I'm gonna puke and crap my pants in my truck."  It was horrible!  I couldn't even move.  I was oh so near my sister's house (just around the corner!), but no one was home, and I don't have a key.  I was frantically trying to think of where the nearest bathroom was and if I could make it there or try and drive home (which is about 15 minutes away).  Driving very slowly, and still feeling like I was going to pull over any second, I made it to a Casey's gas station and then couldn't get out of my truck.  I lay in my truck for a few minutes, trying to gauge if I could get inside to the bathroom without having an accident in front of the customers standing at the Blimpie's inside getting subs for lunch.  

I made it inside, and thank God it was unoccupied.  I stayed in there awhile, and took care of some business.  I managed to get back into my truck and drive home, just in time to have another cramp episode.  Meanwhile, I am quietly freaking out at this.  It seemed like a huge overreaction to running just a few miles.  Then I thought about what I ate, and realized the pasta with ham I had made the night before, and ate again for breakfast, probably had some bad ham.  It tasted okay, but apparently wasn't!  

I did make it to lunch with C-Joy, and went home and kept having bad gut cramps all night.  Only a heating pad made me feel better.  I was upset that it would ruin my weekend with Bud, but he was calm, and said I would feel better.  He was more anxious that I keep taking my meds for the crud, but I didn't have the heart to tell him I couldn't eat anything all night and didn't take the meds.  

Saturday morning, I was up super early-5 AM- to finish packing and see if I would have more fun episodes on the throne.  Luckily, I did not.  Bud arrived, and I gave him the whole scoop.  Now, I can tell you, I seem to have crossed the line recently about sharing stuff with Bud that a lady shouldn't share.  I just stopped being so "anal"  ( I am laughing out loud right now!!!  Anal!!  Ha Ha!) about it and now I am much more relaxed about telling him stuff.  

So we went to Rochester, and after getting Bud checked into the convention, I wandered around downtown Rochester, looking at the shops, stopping at the Barnes and Noble that was created from a theater  (really cool!), and finally eating a slice of thin pizza for lunch.  I met up with Bud for the afternoon auction, then we checked into our hotel room, changed clothes, and went to the evening banquet.  

The food was amazing, but my tummy was still a bit odd after not eating much for so long.  It didn't take alot for me to feel really full.  The dessert was a chocolate cake that was so ungodly delicious that I almost cried after trying a bite.  And a bite was all I had, cause I was too full and I had visions of a very unromantic night at the hotel if I continued to eat it.  It sadly sat on the plate until I finally got  one of the staff to take it away.  Boo hoo.  I was the only one at my table that didn't eat it.  How's that for crazy?!  Bud also said I was probably the only woman in a room of 800 people that had never used a bow or shot a gun.  That felt pretty weird, I will say.  I think that will change sometime in the next year.  The woman sitting next to me was a lovely blonde lady; french manicure, dressed very beautifully.  She hunted with a bow and a gun and impressed Bud. She'd only been using a bow and arrow for 4 years and already had an impressive list of hunts. If I hadn't seen the pictures I wouldn't have believed it.  And dammit, she even looked good in camo.  

We had some great thunderstorms in Rochester, and I was so happy and content to be laying next to my sweetie ( who fell asleep like a rock), listening to thunder and lightning, and knowing I didn't have to get up early the next day.  Bud told me he didn't care that I wasn't a he-man hunting woman like the ladies at the banquet.  He knows I'll certainly give it a whirl if only to learn some new skills and be prepared for the possible upcoming zombie apocalypse.  Or really, any apocalypse that may happen.  He just needs to teach me how to build a shelter out of pine needles and berries and I'll be all set.

We spent Sunday driving around Rochester, stopping at a few stores, and eating lunch before heading home.  We were both tired, and I'm pretty sure Bud is sleeping by now.  I bought a new pair of running shoes and was very impressed with the man who helped me at Sports Authority.  He was a competitive runner, told me what shoes would work for me, and gave me more information in 15 minutes than I have ever had from any one else in a shoe/running store.  I'm back in Asics again, and fingers crossed that Tuesday will be sunny and warmish so I can test them out.  We all know I'm not and will never be a competitive runner, but I want to run my best in shoes that keep my feet feeling good!

A shoe report will be coming up soon.  

So that's my weekend.  Bud and I had some great laughs, and lots of lovely moments together this weekend.  Now I have to wait until Wednesday to see him again, thanks to my schedule.  

And froggy voice is gone!  Amen to the antibiotics.  And I don't know what the heck I did to the color of the print, so just enjoy the change.  :0


  1. Poor you! That sounds miserable - I'm so glad that it went away enough for you to enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  2. I know exactly what you mean, nothing worse than getting cramps when you run. I must say, I think the way you talk about Bud is so cute, he really shows you love him, you guys make such a cute couple. Hope your Asics will keep your feet going for a long time.

  3. Hey -I ended up in Asics too! Turns out I need to stabilize my feet :-P If you've been on antibiotics, is it possible you need to load up on some probiotics to regain your intestinal balance?

  4. Ohhhhhh noooo! I feel so bad for you and totally appricite the oversharing. I ALWAYS take a couple peptos before any long run because of one too many failed attempts to locate a porta pottie in the middle of nowhere... Always a bummer to get hit with the trots after a short run- stupid HAM!

  5. C-Joy--Bud and I bought some Activia on Sat morning and I've been eating that the last few days-it definitely helps! And I also need to stabilize--I think we're twins :)

    Middle: I like the idea of the peptos--I will certainly try that when I am going out on a long run. I've also had issues before and had to run an extra mile to get to a porta potty--no fun.

    Bobbi: Yes, I always have fun with Bud even when I'm feeling horrible.

    Alex: Yes, I do love him like crazy! And I think I will try eating more Activia and I won't be eating ham for a while--ick.

  6. This was so cute. I love your guys' relationship. So sad about that cake. Too bad they couldn't box it up. :) Sounds like you had a great time with Bud. I should learn how to shoot with a bow and arrow. Something tells me I wouldn't be very good. haha Hope you like your new Asics!


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