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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

How Are You Feeling Today?

The one thing about being a fairly healthy person is that when you do get sick, your partner freaks out a bit.  Bud has been very sweet--he calls me every morning to see if I am feeling better, and calls me at night to see how I'm doing. I am taking an antibiotic, and I am hoping I will wake up with no stuffy head very soon.  Bud is well on his way to recovering, and it's taking me waaay longer.  I still have a nasal voice.  I have forgotten what I sound like without it.

Yesterday I worked outside for a bit raking the front yard and seeing what is coming up.  I have a lot of tulips in my front flower garden, but I am afraid they won't be blooming--lots of leaves, nothing that looks like it might be a tulip.  I think it's time to dig them up and make plans for new bulbs this fall.  I walked around to the back, and wandered around my flower garden.  I have a lot of work to do there, but I'm going to wait just a few weeks more before I start uncovering the perennials.  I still think we'll have some cold nights. Then I came inside and took a nap before changing and going out for a very short run in the warm weather.   Today it's going to be another warm day, so I'm hitting the trail again after work.  I'm starting to remember those long ago days when I would go run most days of the week.  It feels good to get out there, even though I am struggling to get my breathing down and make some progress.

Bud and I are going away again this weekend to Minnesota for another hunting convention.  I will have time to walk around and shop at some stores while Bud spends time there before we change for dinner and hit the evening auction. I'm hoping by this weekend I am back to normal and we can spend a romantic weekend together, instead of me hacking up snot and coughing while Bud tries to be lovey.  It doesn't stop him, though!  I guess he likes me a little bit.

  A weekend away gives me a bit of a break from being home and gets me in plan mode for the next week.  Let's hope the weather has finally taken a turn to the warm side, and I can keep plugging away at the yard.  I am ignoring the garage as long as possible, but it is getting down right dangerous for me to try and move around in it without having rakes, shovels, and buckets crashing down on me.  I can see the headlines now:  "Local Woman Trapped in Garage For 10 Days; Survives on Rainwater And Grass Seed".  


  1. Bud sounds like such a sweetie.

    I'm laughing at the garage. You and me both!!! I dread heading out to get my grill!

  2. Yep Stephanie, it is a mess! I think there are a lot of dead insects in there, too. I will have to make sure I have gloves on.

  3. Oh you are funny my friend... that made me giggle, being trapped in the garage. You'd probably get rid of your nasally thing, if you took the time to actually get better you little energizer rabbit!

  4. Tracy--I wish I was an energizer rabbit--I'd probably get something done. I am trying to talk myself into practicing my tai chi and I just don't want to. Bad Sue!


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