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Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday: An Opportunity To Do Something, But I Won't

Clouds will hang around for much of today though a partly sunny sky will likely develop later on with highs into the upper 50s and lower 60s.  The main forecast focus is the weather this weekend, with two rounds of storms likely.  The first round of storms will be around on Saturday evening and overnight, and severe weather is possible.  The second round will be quite strong, with an enhanced risk of severe weather in eastern Iowa Sunday afternoon and evening.  Highs this weekend will be warm and muggy, into the 70s and 80s.  (Updated: 6:25 AM 4/8/11)

This is our forecast for the weekend.  It's April, and that means nasty thunderstorms, tornado watches, and random days of warm and muggy weather surrounded by freakishly cold nights.  I'm hoping Bud and I will miss driving through the bad weather on Sunday.  While I trust Bud's driving completely (he's ridiculously competent), I still get a wee bit freaked when we're driving in say, a blizzard or a horrible storm.  I am happy happy to be spending the weekend with Bud.  I haven't seen him since Sunday, so there will be plenty of mushy-ness on my part.  He, sweet man that he is, asked if I am going to hold his hand in the truck.  Heck yes!  It's the simple things, like holding hands, that I love the most. I know once we arrive at the convention, he will be lost to me for a few hours in all that he-man hunting talk.  Girlfriend?  What girlfriend?  

 I will also have plenty of reading material with me for those moments when I am tired of looking at hunting stuff (this will take about 5 minutes).  I will just find a chair, plop down, and read. Nope, no whining from me!  Any chance I get to read I will happily do so. And lucky for me, I can read anywhere.  No noise will distract me from the story in front of me.  I can tune everything out.  

I have today off.  That means last night I planned out my day to actually do many important Sue things, like clean the house, go to the bank, make lists, and read.  

The Friday morning-don't have to work-Sue is a different creature from the Thursday night Sue.  She's a bit lazy.  It's more of a make a pot of coffee and putz around for hours kinda Sue that inhabits my house today.  My day and night stretches out in front of me with nary a responsible "have to do it today" thing in sight.  The only thing I have to do is go to the bank.  I'm thinking the $2.00 in my wallet won't see me through the weekend.  

I am looking forward to lunch with C-Joy, DH, and Turtle.  It's been at least three weeks since I've had a hard cider on a Friday, and I surely do miss it :)  I may have to have that shot of Jamesons with it, too.  Yum.  I have discovered I am a gal that likes a shot of whiskey.  See, you still find out stuff about yourself in your 40's--important stuff.  

Are you ready for the royal wedding?  We have a ridiculous amount of books and stuff at our store.  Case in point:  

Just in case you're bored and have already knitted your family.  I plan on being up super early to watch the wedding!  Where I will be, I have no idea yet--plans are still up in the air.  

Off to do nothing.  At least for a few hours, anyway.  Then I may be forced to actually move out of the house!  Hoping to run outside today; right now it's pretty gloomy and chilly and I feel completely fine laying on the couch, drinking coffee, and reading a book.  

Have a great weekend!


  1. I think your day AND your weekend sound absolutely lovely. Enjoy!!

  2. Shut up! Knit your own royal wedding? hahahaahahahaha!

  3. Isn't it hilarious?! You know someone out there is very busy with their knitting needles as we speak.

  4. I'm a little bored myself...think I'll go knit myself a royal family! bahahahaha! That's so funny!!!!
    By the way, not having anything to do and just lounging around is what I aspire towards. I'm so jealous I may have to come by and unravel your knitted royal family!

  5. The way I see it, you have every right to be as lazy as you want to be right now. Especially since you're still duking it out with this crud that so many of us seem to have been "blessed" with this Spring. If you're still feeling as shi%#y as I am, then what other choice is there?

    Hopefully, you got plenty of R&R and hand holding in during this much deserved weekend away with your sweetie and that you completely forgot about any "to do" lists. Let's face it... It'll all still be there when you get back. (which may or may not be a good thing - LOL)

    I'm hoping as I type this that you're having a relaxing, enjoyable drive home and that the weather is being cooperative. Looking forward to hearing all about it when you get home.

    ~Mrs B

  6. aww, I love that you enjoy holding hands in the truck. This made me smile. Enjoy this laziness! :)


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