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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Bad Susie

Oh, my darling Bud.  I found even more candy around the house after I got home tonight.  He didn't forget my chocolate marshmallow eggs.  And he brought me two hanging baskets of pansies for my front porch.  I found them tonight hanging on the porch, waiting desperately for Mother Nature to keep them happy and growing.  That means no more 40 degree days, lady!

Seriously.  I do not deserve this man.  I have to be extra good for an infinite amount of time.  Yes, he got me a Garmin one week, and bags of candy the next.  Doesn't make sense, I know.  But I said in a small, quiet voice "I would like just a small bit of chocolate for Easter" the other night, and he asked "Do you need it?"   and I replied "Are you telling me that after 44 years of getting Easter candy on Easter I'm not going to get  one piece?!!!!"  

Well, I guess he listened to the sheer panic in my voice.  Easter is not what it once was--it's usually a day of work for me, and the only thing that links it to childhood is that candy-peeps, chocolate marshmallow eggs, and some jelly beans.  I asked, and Jesus decided to send Bud to the store to bring me some candy.  Or maybe not.  Jesus may have been busy lately.

So now I've got a bunch o'candy sitting at my house.  I have eaten so much stuff today, I had to turn to a late night pot of coffee to help regulate the havoc all those bites of brownie, quiche, pork roast, salad, mexican casserole, and yes, pink  peeps have done to my system.  I think if I ran a marathon at a record pace this week it still would not burn off nearly all of the eleventy billion calories I stuffed in my face today.  

Tomorrow is another day.  I will be eating salad and lots of green veggies this week to jump start my system.  The candy will be put away until a later date.  If you don't hear from me for a few days, it's cause I can't get out of bed due to the battle of good vs evil that is going on inside my body.

Hope everyone had a lovely day today and are rested up for a new week ahead.
Dare I say the gym will probably be busy tomorrow?  Sweat it off, girl!  


  1. Bud's a good guy.
    I didn't get any candy. I did just eat some chocolate chips though.
    It's supposed to be almost 70 later this week. Yay!
    Have a good week.

  2. Aww, Happy deserved to have some chocolate on Easter! And tomorrow is a new're right! I think I'm going to go eat some more chocolate! :)

  3. You absolutely deserve him! What a darling to get you yummy candy!

    Between basketball playoffs and chocolate, I'm on calorie overload. Very bad.

  4. Sounds like you had a fabulous Easter complete with yummy treats! Seems pretty clear to me that Jesus had your back. :)

  5. definitely sounds like Jesus's plan to me: get her some Peeps and jelly beans. Totally something Christ would do!

  6. Yep, Jesus gave me a big thumbs up. Bud would roll his eyes if I told him Jesus worked through him to get me some candy.


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