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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Another Month Blown By

Wow.  April is gone.  How did that happen?  My list of to-do's for April is pretty much left incomplete.  Most of this is due to A) Laziness  B) Lack of cooperating weather.  

Tomorrow is May 1st!  My plan is to work outside in the back yard.  It's pretty ugly.  Mowing is a priority, as is finishing digging out plants that I need to say toodles to, and make room for new stuff.  These are the plants that have overrun everything else, and I am ready for a change.  Right now I have two big holes to fill with top soil and other lovely plants.  More lavender, yes sir!  Looks like the lavender from last year made it through another winter.  My front yard is a wasteland of dead creeping charlie.  I missed some of it the first go round, so the other day I sprayed more death rays at it.  The only problem is that I have to wait another two weeks before I can put down grass seed, so the front yard will continue to look like crap.  And the mole in my yard?  Let's just say if I spot it, only one of us will come out of it alive.  

And that one is someone who doesn't burrow in dirt.  

I've already freaked out with bugs in my house.  A moth the other night, then I saw a creepy crawly on my living room wall yesterday.  Blech.  Getting out the bug spray and working in the basement to keep the ickies out.  I hate bugs.  

I bought some bulbs and seeds the other day--they were on sale, and I kept saying to myself:  "They're much less expensive than plants."  But still, I spent $30!  Let's hope they all bloom well this summer.  

4 O'clocks

So my plan for May is to do the home assignments I neglected in April.  This has been the latest Spring start we've had in a long while.  I remember running outside in March last year in shorts.  I think I've worn shorts to run outside once this  year.  Next week looks warmer!  My 5K is coming up in just a few short weeks, so I will continue to hit the dirt paths to get myself ready for it.  After that, I have just a few short weeks until the Run the Flood Race June 11th.  That one is freaking me out a bit.  I am no where near ready for 7 miles.  It will be a challenge, for sure.  Gotta at least hit what I ran last year (74 minutes) or improve.  

Have you begun your flower planting?  
What are you planting?  
Do you think we'll have a warm summer, or a so-so summer?


  1. I love your flower pics. Do you really want to know what I'm planting? Really?.....Nothing that's what! My yard is tumble weed central, the weeds are so high I can't see my neighbor's house. Still waiting on my hubby to cut them down, who said the desert is bare!
    It seems we've been having the same problem with this stupid weather. Too windy here today to go running, so I'll hit my incline trainer. Btw, I joined the dailymile thing, so now we can support each other. I'm thinking about doing a 10k, with summer coming (maybe), it might be too hot.
    Post some pics of your yard when you're all done. it should be beautiful. Happy planting!

  2. Yeah, Alex! The Daily Mile is a fun way to keep track of stuff. I will definitely post some pictures of my yard as it blooms. Right now it's just blooming ugly weeds.


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