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Monday, April 4, 2011

5K in 6 Weeks--Eeek!

I realized this weekend that the Marion Arts Festival 5K is rapidly approaching, and I need to get my ass in gear!

This cold thingy that I have is keeping me  a few clicks down from my normal speed.  I did go out and attempt to run yesterday, 'cause it was 80 degrees outside yesterday!  It was humid!  I had to go outside after work and give it a try. I ended up sweaty, with a massive headache, and only managed a few miles with some walk breaks.  But I was happy for the brief glimpse into the future of warmer weather.

Today it's 40 outside, very windy, and very overcast.  I went to the gym and biked for a few miles and got on  the weight machines for the first time in months.  It felt really good to work my legs.  I also decided that I would do lunges every time I go to the gym, since they are so good for whipping legs into shape.  I did 50 (25 each leg), and can I say my legs were burning at the end?  It felt so great to start working out those muscles again.  I have missed it.  I have to bring my folder home from the gym and re-do my workouts so they are legible and easy to fill in as I do them.  I guess my exercise high was a bit late hitting me, but looking back on my gym time today, I am filled with a sense of satisfaction and excitement about preparing for the 5K in May.  Since I hit bottom last Fall, I can only go up.  And with a renewed focus on building strength, muscle, and endurance, I can only improve.  

Do you have weird food cravings after working out?  Today mine was broccoli.  Roasted broccoli, with pasta, greek olives, lemon juice and some parmesan cheese.  It is so yummy.  

Tomorrow is my day off, and I'm hoping the weather will be a bit more cooperative so I can start to work in the yard a bit. This will be after I go to the gym, of course :)   I see lots of little green things popping up, but no daffodils just yet.  I think where I have them in my yard they are more exposed and take a bit longer to bloom.  Oh, I can't wait to see my flowers blooming!  I have to keep giving myself the "don't spend too much on flowers" talk every day.  When the shops actually have flowers out, I will be struggling to keep my money in my wallet.  Look away, Sue, look away from the pretty flowers...


  1. OH, I love pretty flowers. I always buy fresh flowers for myself. But the ones in my little vases in my kitchen always die so fast. :( But I enjoy having flowers surrounding me! Excited to hear about your 5k~ Enjoy your day off!

  2. My personal trainer once told me that you should eat a piece of fruit within one hour of a work out... i wish i could remember why, but I still do it! No weird cravings, just wanting to drink a gallon of water.

    Our daffodils are out but are being pelted by the neverending rain! ugh!

    Good job on the work out my friend!

  3. Lately after a long run, all I want is a GIANT HAMBURGER. So weird and random.

    I love flowers, but I kill plants. Someday, I will MAKE gardening my thing...

  4. I'm also dying to hit the local nurseries and start picking up the plants and flowers that will grace my porch and deck boxes this Spring/Summer. I have the exact same problem walking away too. I can't help it... I just want them all!

    Great job with your training! I remember how you were feeling last Fall and I'm really thrilled that you're back in the saddle and determined to go the distance. I have the feeling that you're going to kick some serious butt this year!

    I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that your cold is gone for good ASAP. (Bud's too!)

    ~Mrs B

  5. I think it's great you're incorporating some strength training in your workouts. When I need to get in better shape in a short period of time, I always trust interval training. It's kind of painful at first, but it always works. You'll do great on the 5K

    I love flowers too, unfortunately, I don't just have a brown thumb, I have a dark black, darker than a moonless night thumb, I'm so bad I can even kill fake plants.

  6. I don't have much of a green thumb myself. Here's how I roll with flowers: I dig a hole, put them in, then water them regularly. Sometimes I put flower food around them. That's it. Most of them take care of themselves. I think I have some good dirt in my backyard which helps. Years and years of leaves from my one tree made very good dirt.


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