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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Well Hell, It's April 1st And My House Is A Giant Hairy Arm Pit

Yes, my house is a ugly hairy, smelly, arm pit.  I have realized that, while I have read a huge amount of books this winter, that is all I have done.  Barely did the dishes, maybe washed and dried my laundry but never got it out of the baskets in the basement (making me take a trip downstairs every morning to pick something out to iron for work), kinda vacuumed and dusted every once in a while, and basically accumulated a huge amount of paper crap.

When I was first dating Bud, I would rush home and clean the bathroom, dust and vacuum the house, and frantically make everything neat.  I'm not a messy person by nature, but I'm not a neat freak, either.  I would rather sit and read a book than clean any day.  Now Bud comes over and the most I do is the dishes before he arrives.  He doesn't seem to care at all--he's more focused on food, movies, and--ahem--the prospect of getting lucky.  Now that we've "sprung forward" it's lighter in my house, and he can see things for the first time in months.  Oops.

But tomorrow is April 1st, and I must get my ass into Spring gear!  In order to have time to get my aging body into hard-muscled, stronger than an ox shape, I must spend time doing that this Spring and Summer.  That means I have to get my house in order, so I can go to the gym without any excuses to stay home.

And really, when I don't go to the gym, I just sit and home and read.  It's not like I'm productive.

So April is my month to start the clean up.  I'm amazed how much garbage I've accumulated since October.    There may be a winning lottery ticket stuck somewhere in here, and I must find it!  I am the last person on my block to go outside and attempt to rake and fill my yardy.  I can feel the eyes of my neighbors watching me, placing bets on when I will stand in my yard for more than five minutes and do some home-owner stuff.

I'll take some pictures to prove my hard work is not a piece of fiction I'm reading, but actual work!

Now I must go make some brownies and finish a book.  Seriously.  Oh, and drink some wine.  I'm finally feeling good enough to imbibe, although I still can't taste everything quite to the fullest.  But lucky me, I can remember what brownies taste like!


  1. Sweetie... it's all good my friend. Seriously, Jim and I just cleaned the house on the weekend after not even touching it for 5 weeks! Eeek! Some winters are just like that, we are meant to hibernate like the bears!!!

  2. Thanks Tracy. I think it's a good thing my nose is stuffed up so I can't smell the dirty dishes in the kitchen sink. :)

  3. My house is the most nasty thing EVER right now. Cleaning has not been a top priority, and WOW it shows. Dust everywhere. Dog hair on the furniture. Yucky sinks and showers. Yuck!
    But given the choice to spend 1.5 hours sunning or cleaning you knwo what I'm going to choose.
    However, your post has motivated me to consider Spring cleaning as an option (well, after the 1/2 on Sunday...)

  4. Good luck on your half! As I told you before, you will kick butt. Then you can think about maybe cleaning :)

  5. Ugh, I need to clean, too. Don't want to. Cleaning sucks. Of course, once it's done you feel all proud and stuff.

    Do you remember Disney's Sleeping Beauty? I always wanted the magic wands the little fairies used to clean the cottage. lol How handy would those be?


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