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Thursday, March 24, 2011

It's Tai Chi For Another Month

Oh Lord, I had it all figured out, and had dragged myself off the couch this afternoon to go to Tai Chi and break the news to my instructor that next week would be my last week.  I almost didn't go, cause I feel like crap (I even left work early!), but guilt--and Fritz (my truck) drove me to the studio.

I'm talking to Jake, telling him I was really sorry, but I just had too many things going on this Spring and Summer, and I wouldn't be continuing classes.  He said he understood, and that I was always welcome back. Phew.  I got through it without breaking out in a sweat and staring over his head while I explained why I was quitting.  My inability to say "no" or "I just can't anymore" is what lead me to have a personal trainer for 2 years, instead of just a few months.  See, not saying "no" can get expensive.  And now I'm fat, so really, the training didn't help much.

We go through class, and I am finally starting to get it.  Damn it!  Now, after two months, my body is remembering the moves without me coming to a complete halt and gesturing wildly with my arms.  We are almost at the end of the complete sequence of movements--I think we have about 2 more to learn.

Jake says, gee, it's too bad you just can't go another month, cause then you'll have all the moves and you'll have the whole sequence for life.  Then you can come back after this summer if you want.  

What's another month and another $50?  

Yep.  I paid another $50  for the month of April.  And I even said I would try and come on Tuesday nights to a class he teaches somewhere else in town, so I can get more bang for my buck, and extra time learning and refining my techniques.  This means one less evening with Bud for the month of April.  I figure it will free him to work on his unending list of jobs and not feel pulled between spending time with me, and getting stuff done.

Now I have to tell Bud I changed my mind.  It is weird.  I kinda dread going to class, cause anytime I have to go somewhere at the same time every week, it gets old real fast.  But once I'm there, I enjoy it and I feel good afterwards.   I will admit to clock watching like a fiend, however.  There's something about "class" and "hour" that compel me to count down the minutes whatever I'm doing.  Can you guess I must wear a watch all the time?  Even to bed?  Yep.  It is an act of bravery when I don't put my watch on.  That only happens when I don't have to work the next day, and I don't have to go anywhere.  

So April begins next week, and I am learning to stand like a rooster on one leg, weave the lady's shuttle, and swim like a dragon.  Fun stuff. It is just flat out amazing how elegant I look doing it.

(That was a joke.) 


  1. Yeah, what's another $50? Besides, now that you're getting it, you'll be able to do it on your own, whenever you feel like it. I'm totally making it look like I know what I'm talking about, but I have no clue what tai chi is? Do you kick anybody's butt? Is it self-defense like or yoga like?

  2. Well, there are many forms of it. The one I am doing is for relaxation, but last night we learned a movement that ends in a kick! The "form" I'm learning has 24 movements to it. When you get it, it is supposed to get your 'chi' (energy) flowing and it does amazing things for your body. I haven't gotten there yet.


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