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Friday, March 11, 2011

It's Been A Busy Week

I have had a very busy week, and honestly, I don't know where the week went.  I have to work tonight, so that is kinda messing with my head.  I am lucky enough not to work too many Friday nights (usually work Friday and Saturday day), and I found myself awake at 4AM this morning.  Dang it!  Wide freakin' awake.  I made myself lay in bed anyway and finally got down to the gym at 7 AM.  I have to say, I love the gym that early.  The office workers have come and gone, and there are very few people on the cardio and weight machines.  I think there was one person using weights when I was there.  

Anyway, I managed a 2 mile walk/run with increasing speed.  I think running at 6.0 (approx a 10 min mile pace) is maybe a bit slow for my running stride.  When I punch in 6.2 (approx 9.4 min mile pace) I feel a bit better running.   However I did, I ran for 2-3 minutes, then took a walk break, then ran again.  It was enough to get my heart pounding and my running bra soaked with sweat.  Love that feeling :(

I'm hoping to catch up on blog reading this weekend, cause I have the weekend off!  Of course, I have it jammed packed.  Tomorrow I am going to an extra tai chi class, followed by running around town getting everything I need for a birthday brunch I'm having for my sister on Sunday.  So, that means I have to spend the rest of Saturday cleaning my house.  It truly is a pit!  And Bud and I have some TV watching to do along with just spending some time together.  Let's cross our fingers that both of us will be able to stay awake.

What are you doing this weekend?  I'm doing all the above, and hopefully getting a nap in and some reading done.  


  1. I thought that the week flew by too, much too fast if you ask me!
    Nice early AM workout, I love a quiet gym. :-)
    I have a busy weekend planned- I have to work both days and also have a long run penciled in for later today if the weather cooperates!

  2. Yep, next week is going to be busy, too. I'm tired just thinking about it. Have a great weekend--I hope you get your long run in and the weather cooperates.

  3. C_Joy has probably already bored you to death about the benefits of the Flylady... ;D But I love the cleaning podcasts she has - great if you need to do a 1 hour once a week clean ('Weekly Home Blessing') or a more serious 'Crisis clean'.
    Enjoy your sis' birthday brunch! xo

  4. I didn't have even half the things to do that you did and I'm beat! LOL I hope the brunch was a rousing success. I'd love to hear what you served. (maybe a recipe or two as well? Pretty please!)

    Take care of yourself my friend. I hope you at least got a little R&R on your days off.

    ~Mrs B


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