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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Frog Girl and Bud Have A Weekend Away

My sick-free three year record was broken last Wednesday when I woke up with a slightly scratchy throat and a small headache.  These blew up into a very sore throat, a horrible headache, and a stiff neck by midafternoon that day.  My work schedule was such that I couldn't leave work and lay on my couch at all.  I don't like to be sick.  It is really annoying.

This also played havoc with my weekend away with Bud.  Bud asked me to go to an event with him in Des Moines this weekend, and I was happy to go with him.  He never has asked me, in 9 years, to go to one of these "hunter man" events, but this time he did, and I rearranged my schedule so I could have the weekend off and spend it with him.

The problem with being sick-free for three years is that when you do get ill, there is nothing at home to take.  I did have kleenex and ibuprofen, and that's it.  I didn't care enough to stop at the  store for medication, and instead drove home from work each night and lay on my couch--not even reading, people!  

Bud, however, went to the store for me and got me some medication and cough drops to keep me functioning.  My trip was hanging by a thread!  He didn't want me to go not feeling my best.  I convinced him I felt "fine" and was going.  

So we went.  I felt like crap.  The meds weren't working.  I had kleenex, cough drops, drugs, and two books with me.  I was prepared to sit and read, or head to the casino to play penny slots.  I did neither.  I stuck to Bud like glue at this event, while he walked around, talked to people, and enjoyed himself.  There were two bars!  Woohoo!  I figured, liquor will kill it, so Bud got me a Whiskey Sour.  I love Whiskey Sours, but only the way my family makes them.  From a bar they suck eggs.  And, the mix only aggravated my throat, and made me cough so much I checked the floor for a lung.  I got tired of sipping it, so I just chugged it.  I hoped the whiskey would A)numb my throat B) make me look like I was having a spectacular time!

I did enjoy myself, even in my misery.  I had a ginormous steak  (no vegetarians allowed at this event), watched a man in uniform pop the question to his girlfriend on stage, and watched many many many overseas hunting trips go for pennies.  It's a good thing I didn't have any money, 'cause I would be the proud owner of upcoming trips to Spain, Argentina, and South Africa if Bud hadn't been there to keep me calm.  I think I passed my first official "girlfriend of a hunter" public event.

The ever-elusive jackalope
 Oh yes, I saw some of these at the convention.  When I wasn't running to the bathroom to pee (thank you Advil cold medication) or let out my froggy roar in a gut busting coughing fit.

Poor Bud.  He so loves to have me in a hotel room.  Yes, it is just as it sounds.  I was willing, I was able, but no kissing.  Habit almost overtook caution, but we caught ourselves in time.  If he gets sick I am in so much trouble!  Cause I told him I was not contagious, and he chose to believe me.  I did not tell him that a cold makes me snore so loud I wake myself up, and that I would probably cough all night. Bud does fall asleep in seconds, so he claimed he did not know how many times I got up to go in the bathroom and cough (4), snored, or made weird noises that sounded like I was being tortured and/or having a conversation in another language not known to man.  Finally around 2 AM I fell asleep out of sheer exhaustion.  

I'm back home now.  Bud took me to Trader Joe's again and mysteriously 3 bottles of wine appeared in our cart (not me!).  We had a clerk  who thought Bud was Dave Ramsey (she had no clue who he was anyway) and that Obama will pay her student loans.  No, and Sorry--student loans will haunt you until you pay them off.  

Bud went home and I am sipping ginger tea and watching Sister Wives.  Let's hope I get some sleep tonight (thanks to new drugs we bought today) and my froggy voice will go away soon.  I think Bud will miss the sweet dulcet tones of froggy girl when I am all better :)


  1. Well talk about making a good weekend out of being ill! Good grief girl, you are such a trooper. I would have been like, on your way Jim, see you when you get back! Poor Sue! Get better soon my friend!


  2. Boo to the sickness! I'm glad you made the best of your time away, and I hope you're 100% again soon (and that Bud doesn't get it!)


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