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Monday, March 28, 2011

Blog Book Club--Ta Da!

If you're a follower of my other blog, bookaliciousbabe you know I have been talking about starting a whole new blog as a blogging book club. 

Well, I did it!  It's called The Talking Leaf Book Club and I hope you will all take a moment to pop over, join, and put in your selections for books to read, starting in May.  

This will be fun!  As I have learned, how I start my blog is usually not how it stays.  The fun thing about blogging is changing and growing, and I suspect my book club blog will do that, too.  

If you like to read and talk about books, you should be in a book club.  And this one is great--no driving anywhere--just sit at your computer and type away in the comfort of your home.  Book clubs give you the opportunity to read books you may have never picked up before.  I can say after all the book clubs I have been in the past 16 years, I may not like everything I've read, but I do not ever regret picking up the book and reading it.  Book clubs give you new perspective on different ideas, and maybe help you look at people, places, and things in a different way.  

Plus this will help you on your  Book Challenge this year!


  1. Good for you! I have been in my bookclub for almost 11 years and I love it. My life is so much more enriched becasue of it. I read books I wouldn't normally read and I know words I've never known before, and I talk about things I've never talked about before because of these fabulous ladies I see once a month. Good for you!!

  2. Thanks Rita! I hope it is a success.


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