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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Wretched Work- Out People!

Dammit, don't these people know I got off work at 3:30, excited that I would be able to get to the Y for a quick workout before it closed at 5?  Didn't they know I thought about it all day, and all last night, and had my bag packed?  Didn't they know I started my running journal last night, and was all pumped up to begin my comeback to running glory?

Apparently, they didn't hear me broadcast my intentions across the great city of CR.  When I got down to the Y, it was packed.  I circled the parking lot behind 3 other cars, and all spots were taken.  How 'bout the streets, you ask?  Well, the parking spots in a two block radius were taken, too.  Dammit!  With only an hour left open, I figured surely those people who are lucky enough to have Sundays off pretty much all the time would be somewhere else besides the gym.  But no.  They were all there.  Seeing the mess of the parking lot, I determined that not only would I waste minutes trying to find a parking spot, but I would not get on a treadmill, bike, or elliptical machine.  Weight machines?  Heck no.  All the guys in their hooded sweatshirts would be on those.  I was not going to walk around the track in endless circles, looking longingly at the cardio equipment.

So what did I do, after cursing aloud to myself in the truck?  I drove over to my sister's house, bitched to her, then had my niece make me some hot chocolate.  It was much cheaper than ramming someone's car and shouting at people to get their bleepin' butts moving and make some space for me!  See, I probably could have run pretty good today.  All this rage and angst could have been burnt off.  

Tomorrow morning I will begin anew my quest for treadmill happiness.  Insert  the Rocky theme music here...


  1. you probably wore off all your calories just being angry! hopefully tomorrow will get you on that treadmill chickadee!

  2. It was hopping yesterday morning when we took Turtle to her swim lesson. Some equipment opened up about 5 minutes before I needed to get her out of the pool :-P

  3. I hate gyms just for that. Usually Sundays are not as bad as Mondays, but I guess they were all trying to work out the excesses of the previous day. Hope you get your running fix tomorrow.


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