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Monday, February 28, 2011

Big Love, Pork Chops, and Travel A Go-Go

I love that life can be so damn boring one minute, then change at the speed of light in another.  I went from having no travel plans at all for the next year or so, to having a potential of three trips mapped out for late this year and early next year.  I have to sit down, wrap my brain around it, and begin my savings plan.  More on this later!

I messed up my chicken on Friday.  I guess I was too excited to see Bud.  We couldn't watch Big Love (it wasn't OnDemand yet), so Bud got to drool over Jennifer Aniston in a movie.  I got to drool over Aaron Eckhart.  

Last night I made up for my cooking blunder on Friday by making delicious, cooked just right boneless pork chops, along with stuffing and asparagus.  I was a good girl and had iced tea for supper.  We watched two episodes of Big Love, and let me tell you:  poop + fan= Bill Hendrickson's life right now.  He is in a world of trouble.  Bud didn't tell me to be quiet once!  I tend to comment a lot when we're watching TV.  The Oscars were kinda boring...then I spent an hour trying to get Bud to go home.  It was after 11 when he finally left.  I finished a book and shut the light off at midnight.  

I got to the gym this morning and glory be, there was ample parking!  And only one person on a treadmill.  There's always a moment, when I begin running, where the legs feel great, the breathing is effortless, and I think "wouldn't it be great if I could run for miles feeling just like this?"  But that feeling quickly ends, and I find myself sweating buckets, having a dry throat, and feeling like crap.  Really, the extra weight I'm carrying around has made a huge difference in my lack of running.  I can feel that tire 'round my middle and I hate it.  It makes it so much harder for me to run, and my stamina is the lowest it's ever been. I keep feeling the fear of failure and it's really pissing me off.  My running journal is helping me vent.

 I have a virtual 5K to run within the next week, and I'm looking forward to that goal.  I plan on running it on Friday.  Tomorrow I'm heading to the gym for another go at the treadmill, and I plan on doing some weights.  I was pretty much gobsmacked by a gentleman I watched on the show Heavy.  He weighed almost 500 pounds, and after a six month stay at a clinic where he worked his butt off, he decided to run on the treadmill a minute for every pound he had lost.  He lost 180 pounds, so he ran for 180 minutes.  His total miles:  15!  Can you believe that!  Amazing.  This was a man who couldn't even move six months before.  

Tomorrow is my one year anniversary on this blog!  I plan on doing some spectacular (in my mind) blog for it. Can't believe it's been a year.  

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Wretched Work- Out People!

Dammit, don't these people know I got off work at 3:30, excited that I would be able to get to the Y for a quick workout before it closed at 5?  Didn't they know I thought about it all day, and all last night, and had my bag packed?  Didn't they know I started my running journal last night, and was all pumped up to begin my comeback to running glory?

Apparently, they didn't hear me broadcast my intentions across the great city of CR.  When I got down to the Y, it was packed.  I circled the parking lot behind 3 other cars, and all spots were taken.  How 'bout the streets, you ask?  Well, the parking spots in a two block radius were taken, too.  Dammit!  With only an hour left open, I figured surely those people who are lucky enough to have Sundays off pretty much all the time would be somewhere else besides the gym.  But no.  They were all there.  Seeing the mess of the parking lot, I determined that not only would I waste minutes trying to find a parking spot, but I would not get on a treadmill, bike, or elliptical machine.  Weight machines?  Heck no.  All the guys in their hooded sweatshirts would be on those.  I was not going to walk around the track in endless circles, looking longingly at the cardio equipment.

So what did I do, after cursing aloud to myself in the truck?  I drove over to my sister's house, bitched to her, then had my niece make me some hot chocolate.  It was much cheaper than ramming someone's car and shouting at people to get their bleepin' butts moving and make some space for me!  See, I probably could have run pretty good today.  All this rage and angst could have been burnt off.  

Tomorrow morning I will begin anew my quest for treadmill happiness.  Insert  the Rocky theme music here...

Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Night--Yahoo!

Here's my Friday night:

Me and Bud....

Have to catch up on last week's episode of Big Love


Yes, I am drinking wine tonight!

We are having some supper, too.  But no chocolate cake-boo hoo!
If you haven't tried Layer Cake wine, try it!  It's awesome :)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

No Coffee, No Booze. No Bud. Is The World Coming To An End?

It's been a weird week.  My work schedule and after work activities this week have left me Bud-less since Sunday.  I will finally get to see him tomorrow night.  It's a good thing I have a picture of him to remind me what he looks like.  Saturday I work all day, and he's out of town for some hunting event.  So no Bud again on Saturday.  Perfect for me to hit the gym after work and then go home and read.

I haven't had a cup of coffee since Monday morning.  This is huge for me, since I usually drink 3-4 cups a day.  No mochas from our cafe at work, no McDonald's coffee, no pot of coffee at home.  I have been drinking tea instead, and haven't had any headaches, which usually accompany no coffee.  We'll see how long I  can keep the coffee away.  We're getting snow and more snow/sleet/stuff on Sunday, and that usually makes me want to drink coffee and hunker down.  Must replenish the tea!  It's going fast.  I will say it's a lot easier to drink tea because of all of the flavor choices!  I am an old fashioned coffee drinker--just milk and no sugar, thank you.  The craziest I get is a mocha.  I do like herbal teas, especially peppermint.  It does make the stomach feel better.

I also haven't had any wine or beer since Sunday!  Really, I'm not a boozer at all.  I'll have a glass of wine or half a beer during the week. And if I'm having lunch with C-Joy at the Londoner, I'll have a pint of cider.  Since I knew Bud wouldn't be over all week, it made it easy to not have anything.  Haven't missed it at all.  

I failed to exercise yesterday.  I took my bag to work with me, intending on leaving work last night and going to the gym.  This was stupid of me, since I left work at 8pm and promptly went home and got in bed.  The idea seemed good at noon, when I went to work, was awake, and thought that I would feel the same way later on that night.  I always think getting up at 4:30 am to go to the gym will be a piece of cake, until the alarm goes off, and I can't get up.  It is easier in the summer, I will admit.    

Tonight is Tai Chi.  I am having a heck of a time getting the moves down.  I even made a video of our teacher and have played it at home, trying to get the hang of it.  I have to make a decision today if I'm going to continue, since this is our last class and I have to sign up and pay for the next sessions tonight.  I'd like to continue, since I know this will benefit me down the road.  I don't want to quit, but at the same time, I'm afraid I will get further behind.  It is tough only having one class a week.  Arrgh!  I'll let you know what happens later on.  

See what no coffee does for me?  A very toned down Sue.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tropical Fruit and Vitamins

Yesterday I stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few items for my "work" salads and stumbled across a giant Tropical Fruit Sale!  I picked up a pineapple for $1.99, kiwi fruits for .25 each, and an ugli fruit for $1.50.

Yes, the ugli fruit is pretty ugly, when you set it next to oranges, lemons, and limes.  It's the hulking acne covered ugly sister.  But inside, it's a delicious piece of fruit.  It's a combination of a few fruits, and you can peel and eat the sections, or slice it in half and eat it like a grapefruit.  Since I am terrible at peeling fruit, I am going to slice it and try to eat it gracefully with a spoon.

Today's lunch will be my curry chicken salad along with some spring mix salad on a pita.  I'm not a fan of a lot of 'stuff' in my chicken salad, so this is just chicken, curry powder, mayo, and a bit of pepper.  I had this Monday night at work and it was fabulous!  Filled me right up and kept me full for the night.  

Tomorrow is mexican salad for lunch.  I've got roma tomatoes, avocado, black beans, olives, and lettuce for it.  I think I'll just mix some salsa into the whole mess.  Maybe add a bit of cheese to it.  I think that will keep me full until Tai Chi Thursday night.  

And I've been very neglectful about taking vitamins.  When I trained for my full marathon 4 years ago, I faithfully took my vitamins every day, and I think it helped me a lot.  Especially the glucosamine.  My hips are always tight, and they ache sometimes.  My physical therapist told me it's because my hip flexors are very weak, and I have to build them up.  So, in addition to working on that, I'm starting on my vitamins again.  I take Calcium, Fish Oil, a Multivitamin, Glucosamine, and B-Complex.  If I can keep up on eating breakfast everyday, then this will be no problem.  

Thanks to all who commented on my post from Monday.  I like to make plans, and usually end up overwhelming myself and not doing any of it.  So I am forcing myself to be patient, and take baby steps.  Bud is always supportive, but I have proven in the last year or so that I don't always do what I say I will.  I will be very proud of myself when I can say to Bud, "see, I did it."  I've been telling him for years I am going to lose weight, and I haven't.  I can understand his lack of belief in that statement.  I am determined to get back into a bikini!  He hasn't seen that in a while :).  Mostly, he just wants me to be healthy.  I know when you love someone you want them to stay fit and feel good.  I feel that way about him (although he still looks hot and fit).  

Apparently, that post from Monday exhausted me, because yesterday I took what I thought would be a short nap, and ended up sleeping away the afternoon.  Oops.  Not much reading done.  And, I've begun clipping out pictures and articles for my running journal.  Today at work I'll find a great journal to begin that fun project.  Oh darn, it also means I will have to buy some cool markers and fun stuff.  Gee, what a shame.  Forced to buy art supplies and be creative.  

Monday, February 21, 2011

A Change is Necessary for Me

I have been reading many blogs that have great ideas to motivate and make some changes to my lifestyle.  I am filled to the brim with all of these ideas, yet I am feeling like I keep climbing this hill, with no end in sight.

Yes, I am feeling frustrated and annoyed at myself for being a stick in the mud.  I am my own worse enemy.  I can undo all the good I have planned very easily, and I find myself doing this constantly.  Why?  Maybe I'm one of those people who can't imagine succeeding.  Maybe I can't stand to do anything if I can't do it very well.  That's how I feel about losing weight, running, and pretty much most everything else.  I know it's just the end-of-winter blahs, and that I will wake up one day and feel better.

But for now, I am stewing about many things, so I decided to try out a few things this week to take away that feeling of going 'round in circles.   One thing is to create a positive running journal, complete with words of motivation, pictures that inspire me, and looking at the things that I feel good about when I run. Pushing myself but not placing so much on my shoulders that  I feel bad when I don't manage that day to make my goal.  I cannot compare myself to others, and I have to keep reminding myself of that.  We all are on a different path, and I will get there at my own speed.

Another thing I'm going to work on this week is writing down what I want to accomplish this Spring.  Just stuff around the house that needs done, what I want to do with my garden, and money goals for things I want--like that Garmin and a new Mac.  The new Macs are the bomb and I am oh so envious of Bud for having one.  I am determined to earn that Garmin by June and the new computer soon after.  Can't wait to play with all the new bells and whistles on it.  And to pay cash for them--what a thrill that will be.   

Eating healthy has always been a problem for me.  I was a child that didn't eat veggies--mostly cause we never had fresh, only canned.  To this day, I will not eat canned veggies.  Yuck.  So, I am creating a lunch menu for work.  I have worked out 3-4 different salads to make that I can take to work for lunch.  My favorite so far is a variation on a Barefoot Contessa Cape Cod Salad.  I make my own dressing--which I prefer to store bought,  and knowing my lunch is waiting keeps me from eating other stuff.  Adding a bit of cheese, beans, or chicken will keep me full, but not feeling gross until I get home.  Cutting down on my coffee consumption is also on the list.  This is really hard for me, but I know I always feel less icky when I don't drink coffee.  I enjoy drinking tea, and I've been doing more of that lately, but have to bump it up.  I also don't drink coffee if I know I'm going to run, because it messes with my guts.  

These are small changes, but necessary for me to take steps to get myself out of a rut.  I am making plans for a fun trip late this Fall, and want to be at my best for it.  I'll be sharing my recipes and progress for the next few months.  Cross your fingers that I can make some healthy changes and turn my brain into a happy smiley 
orb of brilliance.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Freak Out Moment Courtesy of Me

After settling down last night with our homemade tacos (crunchy shell for me, soft shell for Bud), we looked for a movie to watch on cable.  I picked Frozen, which is about three skiers who are left on a chair lift at a ski resort after it closes for the night.  I thought, it looks good, and it will keep Bud from making me watch Dear John.  

Ok.  They're stuck on a chair lift, a storm is blowing in, and it's dark.  I can handle that.  But what followed for some reason totally freaked me out, and I had to cover my face with the blanket.  Bud, ever the man, is laughing at me; "What's wrong with you?  It's just a movie!"  He's riveted.  He's gonna have his Dad watch it.  Well, yippee skippy for you.

I, meanwhile, am hyperventilating, shaking, and sweating via pits and feet.  Bud grabbed my feet, patting them, and attempting to comfort me. He was shocked at my reaction to this movie.  Now, for some reason I hate watching movies where people are in a perilous state of being.  This one just freaked me out.  I kept saying "I can't watch this!" over and over again.  I felt like such a girl, and I pride myself on not acting like a weenie.  After all, I am fascinated by forensics, and can watch hours of autopsy stuff without flinching.  But put 3 people on a ski lift, and leave them dangling, and I just about pee my pants.  

When all was said and done, I finished watching the movie, but was anxious and tense the whole time.  It wasn't that good of a movie, but for some reason, it set me off.  I told Bud we will never get on a ski lift EVER.  
And this really isn't something I have to worry about, since I've never been skiing in my life, and have now entered that period in my life where I'm convinced if I did, I would promptly break something, or hit my head and die like Natasha Richardson.  I'd be content to sit in the clubhouse, drink hot chocolate, and read a book.  

Of course, I thought about this movie while I was laying in bed last night, and thought about it whenever I woke up during the night.  Why?  Hell, I have no idea.  I'll be happy to see spring.  Next movie I watch will be void of snow, skis, and dumb ass people who try to get something for free and get the Hand of God smashing down on them in punishment.  

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Pleasant Surprise From Hannah

Well, Hannah gave me a lovely award.  I shall endeavor to be stylish, hip, and cool going forth from today.

I am supposed to tell you 7 things about me, so here goes:

1.  I have 28 nieces and nephews.  I think.  I may be off by one or two. :)  
2.  I will read 2-4 books at once.  I get bored easily and have to switch it up! And I never start a book over.  I pick up where I stopped, even if it was months ago.  
3.  One thing I really want to do is go on a ghost hunt.  Goggles, cameras, recorders, you name it!  I have to disprove before I accept what's in front of me.  Or behind me.  
4.  I am deathly afraid of very deep water, but am fascinated by the ocean.  This terror stems from a close call in a pool when I was younger.  I remember sitting on the bottom of the pool, knowing I couldn't get to the top.  
5. I don't own a brush or a comb.  I am blessed with thick wavy hair that I style with my hand and a blow dryer.  I use Suave shampoo and conditioner and that's it.  My mom used Prell on us when we were kids and we all still have our hair.
6.  I love Tiffany style stained glass and would love to live in a house that is full of it--windows and lamps.
7.  The first time I got drunk I was 15 and had a few too many sloe gin fizzes at my brother's wedding.  I got tipsy with my friend who lived next door.  That was the end of sloe gin anything for me.

I would love to pass this on, but I decided  a while ago that to maintain my sanity, and keep others from losing theirs, I would graciously accept my award, tell a bit about myself, and stop.  

So thank you, Hannah (and fellow Mid-Westerner)  for thinking of me!

Book Review: Ravenous by Dayna Macy

Like many women, Dayna has had a life long obsession with food.  In particular, olives, cheese, salami, and chocolate.  She decides to explore the deeper meaning behind her appetite for these particular foods, and in doing so, she discovers how to cope with her ravenous appetite.

Dayna travels to a chocolate shop, an olive farm, a small ranch that slaughters it's own beef, and a sausage maker to see just how her food is made.  She believes that seeing the origins will better help her to understand her cravings.  What she finds is a deep respect for the people who work so hard to provide good, decent food, and an understanding that her childhood memories are firmly tied into these cravings.  She appreciates the food that comes to her table and is mindful of the journey it has taken.

What I really liked about Dayna is that she didn't try to just diet her heaviness away.  She searched for a meaning behind her cravings, and sought to understand the root of her problem.  She learns that her mind and body form a cohesive link, and work together.  She learns to find balance by measuring her food instead of tossing things together.  In taking the time to measure, she learns to slow down and appreciate what is in front of her.  

Anyone who feels out of control with food, or just wants to take a moment to reflect on where our food comes from should pick up this book.  Just reading it made me stop and think about how I feel about food and my body.   As Dayna says, 

"It is with gratitude and humility that I am learning to take care of my body, because it is the embodiment of my spirit and the vehicle with which I make my way through this complicated, magnificent world."

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Reason To Drag My Tushy To The Gym

Bud surprised me with flowers at work last night.  I looked down at the bouquet, and tucked inside was a little plastic box that screamed Apple Product!  And yes, it was:  a new Ipod Nano.  Seriously, my mouth fell open.  Bud just smiled.  I have had pretty much all the Ipods, and this one makes me happy happy.  I run with my Ipod all the time.  I hate wearing a strap around my arm to keep my hands free.  I sweat, and my arm itches and it drives me nuts. I tried this for one summer, and stopped using it.  For years, I've been running holding my Ipod in my hand.  It also enables me to change songs if something plays that just isn't jelling for me at that moment. And no maddening sweaty itch on my arm helps me focus on running, and not the mantra of "God, my arm itches.  God, my arm itches.  God, my arm itches."

Enter the Nano Ipod.  Since my other Nano Ipod is called the Wee Pod, this one has been graced with the name of Pea Pod.  It's so teeny, and it clips to my shirt.  Hands free running.  And, I can wear it out in the yard while I do gardening, mowing, and all that other fun stuff that comes with having a house.  Oh!  and bike riding!  Now I can steer with both hands and avoid wobbling over into a ditch on the side of the trail.  No song makes falling into the weeds any better.  

I will still use my other Ipod, since it does have video and voice memo stuff on it.  That will come in handy on Thursday, when I am taking it to Tai Chi class to video my instructor going through all the steps we've learned, and that I've forgotten and can't get down.  Then I can put it on my computer and practice at home without feeling like a total dinkus.  

So once again, Bud is keeping me up  with technology.  What a guy.  I'm off to try out my Pea Pod.  Can't wait for warmer weather, when  I can enjoy it outside. 

 Just picture me, on the treadmill, flapping my arms up and down with joy, just before I forget to keep up the pace and fall off the back.  

Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Sickly Sweet Ode To My Guy

The day is fast approaching that single women everywhere hate, and sometimes attached women hate, too:  Valentine's Day.  I've been fortunate to have spent the last 9 Valentine's Days celebrating with my sweetie, Bud.  His name really isn't Bud, I just call him that in respect for his request not to use his real name on my blog.  

Anyway, Bud and I had our second date on Valentine's Day, 2002.  I felt very uncomfortable having a date on that night, since we didn't really know each other and it had been two weeks since our first date.  ( I had to cancel the second one and reschedule).  He brought me white roses and took me out to a very nice restaurant for dinner.  It was the first time I'd ever gotten flowers from a man, and I found it very sweet that he picked white roses--no pressure on me to figure out what pink or red roses might have meant.  

We've had some great, happy times, and we've had some very sad times together, but through it all, we've stayed together over the bumpy patches.  We've traveled together, and he's taught me how to not be afraid to try something.  He has an incredible self-confidence that gives me the belief that I can do anything.  He's met my huge family, and taken it in stride (he has one sibling, I have 7) and isn't afraid of "girl stuff".  He's a man who's always on the move, always thinking, and doesn't stop until he falls asleep at night.  He works hard and always is the first to help others.  

So I am very lucky to have met this man--on a blind date, no less.  It really was true for me that when I had finally given up, and decided I would not meet anyone--that this was how my life was going to be; that I met Bud.  Someday, I hope we can completely share our lives together, and have that house in the country and raise some chickens ( Bud insists we will do this).  He's a country boy at heart, and luckily, I am happy to live that way.  Yes, we aren't perfect, and we do have our issues, but I can look at him and just feel the love ooze out of my mushy gushy heart.  

For all those people who may be alone this Valentine's Day, and dread it, remember:  it's just a day.  I got through many many years without someone in my life, and it's just a day.  Some people don't celebrate it, and some do.  Bud and I enjoy it, and I will always remember it as the night I got my first flowers at the ripe old age of 35 from a man who barely knew me, but had the sweetness in him to woo me with flowers.  

Well, it worked.  :)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Yackity Yack

I really don't have much to say today.  It is Friday, I got paid, I have the day off, and I've already got supper planned for tonight.  Chicken piccata and a salad.  I have bags of lettuce in the fridge so Bud and I have to chow down and graze on spring mix and Italian mix for the next few days.  Really, I think they all have the same lettuce in them, but doesn't it make you feel oh so glam to eat a salad made with Italian Mix lettuces?  And spring mix is just wishful thinking.  If I eat this stuff, warmer weather  will come that much quicker. If I eat 5 bags of it this week, tulips will spring spontaneously from the ground, birds will sing, and rabbits will greet me when I step outside.  If I see an old woman with an apple, I will run back inside and lock the door. Unless it's a Granny Smith apple; then, well, I may have to stop and nibble.  

 It's supposed to get up to 40 next week--holy crap!  The highs of 8 and lows of -5 for the past few weeks have sucked all the life out of everyone in Iowa.  I can't wait to see the mounds of snow melt.  I know there will be those people who think bare feet and sandals will be just fine--idiots.  Come on, it's February in Iowa, people!  No where does it say it's okay to break out the summer gear this early in the year.  Enjoy being a sloth for another month or two.  When it warms up, we will all be shot out of our homes by slingshots and forced to work in our yards and *gasp* ride our bikes and run outside.  Then you can wear your shorts and sandals.  Until then, just keep those un-manicured tootsies covered.  I really don't want to see them.  

Alright, I'm prying myself out of the chair to drive down to the Y and ride the bike.  And maybe run.  What's your Friday fun?  I bet I can top it--I get to fold laundry and put it away.  My body is shaking with excitement.  

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Staying Up All Night Is Not Good For Me

Oh, how I wish this was me right now.  I wish I was one of those people who could sleep all morning, and wake up at 1PM to start their day.  But I'm not.  It doesn't matter what time I go to bed; I will wake up at 6AM and feel the relentless and nagging urge to at least get out of bed NOW.  Even if it's to sit on the couch, I have to get out of bed.  I feel like a big fat lazy wench if I don't.  

Last night we had our yearly store inventory.  This means we stay until very very late, while the inventory people scan every  book, cd, dvd, NOOK, and a zillion other things in our store so our inventory can be correct. Usually, we get out later than we expect, but not too much past our scheduled time.  Last night, I left at 2:30 AM, and felt horrible leaving two other managers to finish up.  They probably didn't leave til after 3 AM.  I got home, went to bed, and had to read first.  I cannot just go to bed, shut off the light and be done with the day.  I must read or my world will wobble on it's axis, the sky will fall, and Chicken Little will start squawking.  Of course, I read until 3:45, when I finally made myself put the book down.  My eyes just couldn't focus anymore, even though the brain was willing to continue and urging me to keep on reading!  Stay up for 24 hours straight!  Come on, ya wus!  I ignored my brain.  I do need to see today.

This morning, I'm up at 7:30 and I feel like I didn't get any sleep.  I'm just one of those people who don't function well staying up all night.  I get physically queasy, bloated, and can't drink coffee or really eat anything that late.  I snacked on chips and salsa around 8PM last night, and drank tea like a good little monkey.  But still, by the time I went home, the ickies were starting and I felt like I was working on a hangover without the benefit of alcohol.  Of course, I was up at 7 AM yesterday morning, and took about a 15 minute cat nap before going to work at 5PM.  So yes, my bio-rhythms were way out of whack!  And I somehow managed to hurt my left foot yesterday, so it feels like I've got a massive bruise on the bottom of my foot by my heel.  I'm pretty sure it's from running in the morning, then wearing shoes that are way past their "sell by" date to work last night.  I am reluctantly not running today, but icing my foot instead, so I can run tomorrow.  The shoes were tossed in the garbage this morning.  Bad shoes be gone!

The next two days are my days off this week, so today is laundry day ( long overdue), gamely practicing my Tai-Chi  ( I feel like Elaine from Seinfeld doing her dance), and eating pasta early in the morning.  Yep, that's what I want for breakfast.  Forget peanut butter toast, pancakes, eggs:  I want carbs!  So pasta it is.  And I know this sounds totally beyond crazy, but I love McDonald's coffee.  It just tastes damn good.  I may get some later today, after I've woken up properly.  My coffee at home just doesn't taste the same.  Yes, I know.  You don't have to say anything.  

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Blogger in a Slump!

I am feeling rather low energy these past few days.  All I want to do is bury my head under a pillow and sleep. It feels like the week of Christmas all over again, and I am a bit puzzled as to why I feel this way.  I thought posting a picture of my flowers viewed through a kaleidoscope would perk me up.  Is it working for you?

I'm working on formulating an eating plan that will get me to stop eating too much of the bad stuff and focusing more on the good stuff.  Tomorrow I'm loading up the grocery cart with various salad fixings, nuts, whole grain food, and some fruits.  I've looked at a million different diet books, and I think I can pick from each and buy the right foods to eat.  It looks like salads with protein are the way to go.  I'm all for that.  

Maybe if I start eating the good stuff regularly and put down the junk, I will feel more energized.  For now, I will continue to work on my running comeback, ride the bike at the gym, and I only have 3 more Tai Chi classes to go.  

Have a great week everyone.  I hope to pull out of my sleepy slump soon.  

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Chocolate Cake and Tai Chi

Is it wrong to eat this before going to Tai Chi class?

Food of the Gods and Goddesses
I don't think so.  Chocolate cake with homemade chocolate frosting does nothing but put a person into a calm state of mind and body before learning a new Tai Chi movement.  But then I have to do more exercise to burn it off.  This, I believe, is worth it!

We don't get treats in Tai Chi (that's why I have to eat cake before  I go) except we do get to listen to some pretty cool music while we learn.  The CD we listened to tonight is called Shamanic Dreams and you can get it on Itunes.  I promptly came home and bought it, along with another CD called Healing by the same man, Anugama.  I love to listen to "New Age" music when I'm at home.  It helps me chill out, and I don't have to listen to anyone singing.  That's for when I run and I need the energy.  This stuff is a different kind of energy--the one that helps quiet your mind, relax your body, and make you feel peaceful.

So Shamanic Dreams, Tai Chi, and chocolate cake are the go to this Thursday night.  A hot bath and my warm owl pajamas have me one step closer to sleepy time.  

You didn't think I would neglect to mention that I have a new book to read, did you?  Yep.  All is well in the universe tonight...

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Once Again, I Have To Explain The End

I have yet to figure out Bud's movie watching pattern.  I am pretty convinced he stays awake through every movie I rent that he hates, and when it's a good movie, he always falls asleep before the end.  Always.  It doesn't matter what time we watch the movie, he will fall asleep.  Now, I must confess, I did fall asleep for a teeny tiny bit during last night's movie, Inception.  But only for a nano-second, until a huge boom made me jump and almost fall off the couch.  Then I stayed awake.  After all, I knew I would have to pay attention because Bud would fall asleep eventually, and it was a bit of a confusing movie.

Inception is the kind of movie where you must pay attention all the time.  A PhD in physics would help, too.  Basically, it's about going into people's dreams to access their unconscious secrets.  Leonard Decaprio's character gets paid by major corporations to do this.  He's also on the run because he's accused of killing his wife.  She has a habit of popping into the dreams of Leo's "subjects".  There are a group of people who work with Leo--one's an architect (Ellen Page) who helps create the dream world.  See, it gets very complicated and complex and convoluted.  It's like a difficult book that you have to read carefully, then sleep, then wake up and understand it. You must digest this movie.  

So I went to bed last night and proceeded to have crazy dreams about Brad and Angelina (why?!  why?!) dancing around a pool, jumping in the pool, Gwyneth Paltrow showing up, and Angelina and I having a sing-off for a song from Hello Dolly.  Needless to say, I was dancing with Betty White and singing to her, and she said I had a lovely voice (so not true), while Angelina had the voice of an angel.  Bitch.  

Then the phone rang.  It was Bud, to give me a weather report and ask my why I wasn't up (it was 7AM and my day off!) I realized this wasn't part of the dream, when Bud started asking me about the movie.  So, I spent a few minutes explaining pretty much the whole movie to him while I was still not fully awake.  

Go ahead and watch Inception.  But be prepared to scratch your head a few times.  It's like a good wine--it gets better the longer it sits and melds.  Just watch out for your dreams.  And shake your man awake if he falls asleep during the movie so you don't have to explain it!