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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What Are You Reading This Week?

Hey, book lovers!  Follow this link to my other blog, Bookalicious Babe to add what you've been reading to Mr. Linky.  How are you coming on the 2011 Reading Challenge?  We had our first monthly meeting at the bookstore last night, and I am fired up even more to keep reading.  And remember:  you can read any book, or listen to an audio of a book in your book challenge.  But really, reading Dick and Jane if you're an adult doesn't count.  Keep track of what you're reading--you'll be surprised at what you've read and when.  I find myself reading books with similar themes at certain times of the year.  I then promptly break that theme cycle and try and read something different.  I'm not one to read all of a series in one go. Quite frankly, I get sick of characters and need a break.  It's like having guests stay just a bit too long--time to go for a while, so I can enjoy you again in a few months.  

If you haven't read my other blog, I've decided to have a Random Read Monday.  I pick a book off my bookshelves that has been patiently waiting for me to read it, and I have to read it that week before the next Monday.  I'm a bit behind this week (due to a strange misplacement of my book--found it under the couch), but am confident I'll meet my deadline for next Monday.  So if you're overwhelmed by your book choices like I am pretty much every day, well, try this.  Not only do you get through the backlog of books you have, but I get to read some great stuff that a really smart me picked up months ( and sometimes years) ago.

Go on, then, shut off the TV, get off the computer, and relax with a book. 


  1. I love reading and read all kinds of books!! Currently, I'm reading the Marked series by P.C. Cast and her daughter. It's fun--kinda a different take on vampires...falls somewhere in between True Blood and The Twilight Saga, I would say.

  2. Frisky:

    I read the first two books in that series. It's great! I love how different it is from the typical "vampire" teen novels.

  3. I love the book challenge, it sounds exciting!! :) maybe I can pass it on to a few people I know :) glad to have stopped by!


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