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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Suzy Homemaker-Not

Baby Bob--1lb, 4oz. born 1/25/11 on my couch
Here's my first baby:  I'll call him Bob.  He looks like a Bob.  It's my first pom-pom, and let me tell you, this took a hell of a long time of winding, winding, winding yarn around my little cardboard donut.  Shit.  Then I had to try and cut through the layers of yarn all the way around the donut, so I could tie it off in the middle.  That took almost as long as the yarn winding.  My fingers are permanently cramped.

It's supposed to have legs, too.  And eyes.  But, I kinda messed up on the legs, and I don't have any buttons for the eyes. So, right now Bob is blind and unable to walk.  He just sits on my table, waiting for Mom to finish her baby.  

I remember pom-poms being much more fun as a kid. Maybe  because I only had one size for a  pattern, it was plastic, and somehow easier to wind.  It was also much smaller.  This pom-pom could probably take over the world.  I think if I made another to match, and glued/taped/stapled them to a bra, Bud could be gifted  a shakey shakey dance for a fun filled night.  Of course, both of us would not be able to stop laughing, so the seductive pom-pom dance would probably fall apart.  

So yes--I gave up a trip to the gym, grocery shopping, and reading a book for two fun filled hours of pom-pom making.  Gee, my life is so fulfilling and exciting!  I'm going to go take a nap and eat banana muffins and ramen noodles.  No, I'm not in my twenties, I'm just taking a day off from adulthood.  Except for birthing Baby Bob.


  1. LOL... here is my question to you: What on earth were you thinking when you sat there winding and winding? Did you just get up one day and say I am going to make a pom pom... oh my gawd, I can't stop laughing! I am trying to figure out why you would make one in the first place. Oh my lord Sue, I wish you could see me now, I cannot stop laughing!

  2. I'm glad you are so amused! I actually--get this--watched a documentary about Joan Rivers. So, really, it just added to my bizarre pom-pom activity. I was also sitting in my owl pajamas with a cup of cold coffee in front of me. Now you know why I felt compelled to give my pom-pom a name. It kept me company all day!

    And yes, I did just decide to make a pom-pom--I had a wild hair.

  3. Bob is actually one of the names of the Rhyming Dustbunnies. Create 3 more and you can write your own book about rhyming pom poms :D

    PS I think you're right -definitely buttons instead of googly eyes

  4. Or just make one more & let them enjoy some porn pom action to complete their family.

  5. Awww, poor baby bob, waiting on his eyes and legs! lol He's very colorful, though! :) Hey, I give you ALL the credit in the world for doing this. I wouldn't have had the patience. lol

  6. This is so random, it's hilarious! =D

    "Today...I shall make pom-poms..."

    LOL! XD


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