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Monday, January 3, 2011

Spinning Class Vs. Ms. Weenie: Guess Who Won?

I thought this was going to be me today; the chick sweating on the spinning bike in class. 
Not so much.

I got a reminder today that I am sorely out of shape.  Like so out of shape I almost passed out in class out of shape.  Yep.  I made it ten minutes into the class, and started to feel light-headed.  My heart was pounding away, and I was sweating.  I had to stop a few times and just not even pedal.  I also had to get off the bike and stand holding it, because I felt kinda woozy.  

I finally got off the bike, and sat up against the wall on the floor.  This while the class is going on, the music is really loud, and I'm the only one not pedaling.  

"Are you okay?" The instructor yelled over the music.  I limply nodded my head, desperately trying to calm down my heart and not pass out.  Then the "I'm gonna vomit!" feeling started up.  My vision, sparkling with lots of pretty lights, managed to picture me tossing up peanut butter toast into my towel, on the floor of the spinning class.  All while everyone else kept spinning!

I got up, walked to the bathroom, and sat next to one of the toilets, feeling ready to heave.  The instructor came in, checked on me, then left to get someone else.  I said I felt puckey, not dehydrated, and clutched the toilet handle.  Yes, I felt that out of it that I clutched the toilet handle in a public bathroom.  And was sprawled on the floor.  Oh, what a pretty sight.

Another Y worker came in, checked on me, got my water, towels, and Ipod from the classroom, and came back.  I was feeling better, and got up.  I told her I would go to the locker room, sit for a bit, and go home.  By then I had become drenched in sweat.  She said I had color back in my face; when she had come in before, I was a bit white.  That made me realize I really was thisclose to fainting.  When I exercise, my face is really red and my freckles pop out.

Feeling like a total tool, I got dressed, sat for a bit, and called Bud.  I told him my tale of woe, and at first he kinda laughed at me, but then he realized I was serious.   Then I got the lecture about eating too much and being waaaay out of shape.  I was still too pooped to care what he said about that stuff.  Geez, I know!  

I got home, and  Bud called me three times to check on me.  It freaks him out when I don't feel good.  I think I just got my heart rate up too fast, and things weren't getting to where they needed to be.  I can say, that after only 10 minutes of spinning, my legs hurt!  I'm sure an hour will wear me out like a wet dishrag.

So, I have to readjust my plans for becoming healthier, and start at the absolute bottom.  Elliptical, bike, and strength training.  I'm going to try some short runs (try a mile or two) on the treadmill, too, so I can start to get my heart rate up without passing out.  I will go back to that damn spinning class in a few months and power through the whole thing!  I will not be defeated!  Now I'm seriously annoyed!


  1. I feel you. I think spinning classes were invented by the devil. I'm not a big fan of the loud music anyway. I just got back from a run outside, and I know I don't have the stamina I want to have and that i had a few years ago. Getting old is a bitch!

    I found one of the best ways to get back in shape is by using the stair stepper machine. You know, the one that mimics a real staircase. Doing the treadmill at a high incline (walking of course) also seems to work.
    Here's to us getting in better shape in 2011!

  2. I'm thinking of the immortal words of Foghat who said: "slow ride, take it easy". Too bad they don't offer spinning classes on the recumbent bikes -then you could feel like you were racing big wheels :D

  3. That would be a great idea, C-Joy!
    Alessandra: You're helping me from feeling like a wimp. I will work on other machines and return another day to conquer the spin. Blech. I still have a headache from today.

  4. Oh, I feel so bad for you!!!! And, um, my germ-a-phobic tendencies starting freaking when I imagined you on the floor of a public bathroom, clutching a toilet handle. I'm not a fan of spinning--never tried it, but I imagine my reaction would be much the same as yours. :/ Maybe try Pilates? Little less stressful and just lots of stretching and movement. You will feel it working big time, but I never get that horrible puke-light-headed-feeling.

  5. Thanks Frisky! I have tried pilates, and I do like them. Unfortunately, the only class at the Y is when I am working. Pooh. I have to go back and do a spinning class just to prove to myself that I can get through it!


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