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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sound Bites From A Family Christmas Party

I have a large family.  I love them all.  We are weird.  Here are some random sound bites from our annual Christmas party:

"You kids don't know how to play Bloody Mary correctly.  You need a bathroom, a mirror, and lights off.  Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody  Mary!  What you're playing is called tag in the dark!"

"And then I told the woman at the desk, my name is Jeremy C**till; call my wife, and call an ambulance.  I'm going to pass out."

"I will not hold your head if you throw up when we get home."

"I bet a brownie dipped in this chocolate vodka would taste really good."

" I know!  bake a pan of brownies, let them cool, poke holes in them, then pour the chocolate vodka on them and refrigerate."

"Tin Stealer!"

"The mint thingies aren't green!"

"Bourbon balls?  I love bourbon balls!"

"Jeremy, when I'm 90, and you're 80, and you see me standing still, then losing my balance for no good reason, will you tell me, please?!"

"How's the Ipod?"  answer: "Still playing music."

"Next year, the party is at my house, and we will have a karaoke machine."

"Please make sure you have I Will Survive and I will sing it!"

"Is that container full of hamburger meat? My God, that's a lot of hamburger meat! Can I take some home?"

"I brought  my own plastic baggies for leftovers"

"It's not a unicorn!  It's a dragon!"

"Does Bud  have dimples?  He does?  This is his son."  "Dammit, he told me he may have kids out there somewhere!"

"Can we go home yet?"  "No."

It's good it's only once a year.  I think we set a prime example of responsible adulthood for all of my nieces and nephews.  Of course, a majority of them are adults, so I guess we can see the results of our grand experiments while we "babysat" them at Mom and Dad's house.  Oops.


  1. Your family sounds like fun, except for the Bloody Mary thingy. That freaked me out. I saw a movie or something once about that,and I've been scarred for life now... I love Bourbon balls too!

  2. Sounds like a blast... i think you should invite us all next time!

  3. Makes the Christmas party I have to attend seem pretty lame.
    Well, it is.
    Now it just seems even more lame.
    Weird can be a very good thing.

  4. Ha! It made me laugh all over again! Had a great time and thanks for all the Nook tips!

  5. BAHAHAHAAA! I love it!


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