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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Reading A Go-Go and Pure Irritation at My Shoes

I must say, I am astonished with myself.  I've managed to read 6 books since January 1st!  Hot dog!  I think I have only accomplished this by being super lazy and only doing the minimal things in order to survive while I'm buried in a book:  brush teeth, make coffee, work when I have to, and occasionally eat.  Oh, and I am bathing, too; it's another way to get in some reading--lounging in the tub.  

This is the first year ever in my life that I've attempted to keep track all year of my reading titles.  My Nookcolor is getting a workout, and the bookshelves are trembling with the thought that some spots will be vacant for a bit.  And--I've only bought one actual book.  That is a bit sad to me; it must be how other women feel when they don't have a new pair of shoes or a new purse on a regular basis.  Oh--I do need a new pair of shoes for work!  With my new budget, I will have to combine two week's worth of spending money to get them.  How annoying and pissy that is making me.  So for right now, I am wearing my black shoes that have no black around the toes or on the sides because I've rubbed it off by kneeling on the floor at work, shelving, or finding books for customers.  And the lovely salt that is all over the roads, sidewalks, parking lots, and our store floor at work has managed to wear some of it off, too.  I only buy quality shoes, can you tell? :P

 I look a bit like Orphan Annie.  I do go to work, take off my coat, and double check real quick to see if I have everything on correctly.  Seriously, sometimes I think I've forgotten a bra and have to feel myself up to make sure.  Have you ever been so out of it in the morning that you can't remember if you put a bra on?  It's either that, or I'm heading into old age at a rapid pace.  I did leave the house once, and a pair of undies fell out of my pants.  Thank God I was still in my driveway.  I guess I should use those static sheets in the dryer more often.

I've managed to not use any coupons at the store this week so you can all heave a collective sigh of relief that I haven't lost my mind just yet.  I'm using creative ways (and internet recipes) to make meals for Bud and I with what I have at home.  Extra broccoli slaw I bought for last Saturday's family Christmas is being used tonight in a made up slaw to go along with some BBQ country style ribs I have in the crockpot.  It took me three days to eat the slaw I made for my family because they're a bunch of weenies who don't eat anything that looks "different".  Anything that has ramen noodles in it can't be bad!  Needless to say, I brought back a whole container of it.  My brownies, on the other hand, were gone in minutes, with only crumbs left in the pan.  Broccoli or brownies?  You can see how my family leans.  Sugar and meat run sluggishly through our veins.  There are no vegetarians in my family.  

Alright, enough rambling.  I'm off to start another book, finish laundry, maybe take a nap, and try out a new workout DVD I  bought last week called Core Fusion.  I've heard great things about it, and there are 15 10 minute workouts to try.  Of course I may limit myself to only one right now.  I wouldn't want to shock my body right away; must ease into it.


  1. I've been known to leave socks behind me while working out at the Y - I usually don't remember to add the static sheets :-P

  2. I need to thank you Sue for two things. first off your lovely comment, secondly i looked at your other blog and it inspired me to change my blog over... so thank you so much!

  3. Tracy--you are so welcome! Take care of yourself--




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